26 homes Rented for Sale in Yuba City, CA

I’m direct to the owner/builder of these properties.

He is selling them in bulk, as they are rented and cash flowing!

26 homes in Yuba City, CA Same Street just about!

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Built by seller in 2005-06, great condition
Fully Rented – $31,625 w/upside
100% Off-Market
Price – $6.2M Reduced to $5.8M
Property taxes $70k-$75k
Insurance – $10k-$15k

(13) 4 bed/3 bath
(5) 4 bed/2 bath
(8) 3 beds/2 baths

Priced based on future value of the properties.

Call Greg – 858-386-0949 or greg@fixandflippers.com

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