New Commercial Loan Options – Multi-Family, Retail and Office

Housing Starts in U.S. Declined by 5.9% Amid February Snow

95 -100% MF/Office/Retail Loans (Experience required)

For experienced investors/sponsors only.
On deals $5M & Up only.

We have the ability to provide bridge/mezzanine/ preferred equity partnerships to provide equity financing for almost no money out of pocket.

For Example on Class A – Class C Apartment purchase,
Part A – 65% of Financing will be Debt Financing at 3-4% Interest Rate, with 1-5 points to close
Part B – 35% of Financing will be Bridge Financing at 12% Interest Rate, with 3-5 points to close

*Ideally, if at 50%-60% occupancy, lender will provide 2-3 years to lease up, allowing borrower to refinance him out later when the occupancy is at 80-100% & more stabilized.
**Structure could vary from preferred equity to mezzanine loan to general/limited partnership.
*** Sponsor will enjoy property management income & 40% of net profits as equity investors are seeking 18-20% Internal rate of return.

Call or email a scenario today to be contacted & provided a Proposal of Terms.


85-95% Multifamily Financing (3.75 – 5% Interest Rates/ 3-30 year am)

We have an a high leverage loan product for your apartment, mobile home park or senior housing purchases.

We have an a high leverage loan product for your apartment, mobile home park or senior housing purchases.

Basic Details:
Property Type: Multifamily, MHP, Senior Housing
Loan Amount: $2M & up
Interest Rate: 3-5%
Points: 2.5
Term: 3-30 years
Amortization: 30 years
Min DSCR: 1.5x (for high leverage loan)
Maximum: 85-95%
Recourse: Non Recourse
Geographic Location: Nationwide
Prepayment: Flexible Structure Available (normally 10 year)
Closing: Borrower Entity- Escrow-Taxes & Insurance Required
Third Party Repairs: (a) PCA Property Condition (b) Phase I (c) MAI Appraisal = $20,000 Due Diligence
Application Fee – None
*Commitment Fee – 2% of Issuance of Conditional Approval by underwriter (can be built into loan amount as part of overall points & returned in escrow at closing)
*Reserves: Borrower must have reserves equal to 5-20% of the purchase price if (95% LTC) on strong deals & borrowers
Funding: 45 days from complete due diligence packageDocs Required for LOI (Letter of Interest):
Rent roll
Unit Mix
Schedule of Improvements
Operating Docs (Schedule of Leases; 3 years P & L, Lease Agreements)
Personal Financial Statement
Credit Report
Insurance & Taxes InfoIf exit strategy is renovate to increase the value of the prop, new refinance lender will order new appraisal to determine investor’s maximum allowable loan amount.

Best case the appraisal will be high enough so that the investor can refinance the balance of the loan as well as closing cost without any additional money out of pocket.

Example Deal:
#1 – Contract – $5M – $20M
#2 – Earnest Money – 1%
#3 – Seller can pay Closing Cost
#4 – $20k in Legal, Appraisal, Environmental Report & Title
#5 – Closing

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