New Funding Sources Available!


Revenue Loans

Loans given to existing businesses, primarily based on the cash flow of the business.

Clients typically obtain a loan equivalent to approximately 1 months income.

Requirements: Personal credit score cannot be below 550. Client must not have too many NSF’s in business bank account,

must have at least 5 monthly deposits and maintain a balance.

Price – No cost, included in funding

Retirement Finance

A suite of products for people who have money saved in retirement accounts (401k, IRA, etc).

These programs allow people to use these funds for business or investing purposes without the tax penalties.

Requirements: Typically must have at least $35k saved in an eligible retirement account, however we do recommend that you send anyone interested in not matter what their retirement assets amount to. This program contains up front fees.

Price – $5,495


Unsecured Credit

Business credit cards, in the business name and they do not show up on the personal credit of the guarantor.

Can be done using a business partners credit if the main business owner does not qualify.

Requirements: Excellent personal credit (700+ FICO). No business requirements but if the existing business has bad credit we must create a new business entity

Equipment Leasing


Clients obtain equipment leases. Works for a broad variety of equipment,

and even potentially can go towards a store remodel.

Requirements: This program is very lenient. It requires either good personal credit, good business history, or collateral.

Must be for approved equipment.

Self Direct Finance


Requirements:Typically must have at least $35k saved in an eligible retirement account. This program contains up front fees.

Price – $3,995 for SD-IRA



Clients obtain funding through crowdfunding websites such as

The best benefit of this program is that you do not have to pay back the money you receive from your investors.

Requirements: You must be willing to publicly discuss your business, and be able to create rewards or compensation for your investors.

This program contains up front expenses.

Fees Varies


SBA Loans

A low interest loan from a bank or a non bank lender with some collateral provided in the form of a government guarantee. Ranges from $300k to $5mm. Typically 5 to 7 year loans from 6% to 7% interest.

Requirements: Must have good business history and cash flow, good biz-owner credit, and some down payment and good collateral.

Only acceptable starts are franchises on the SBA approved list.

6% interest


Term Loans

A 3 year loan at 10.99% interest. Ranges from $50k to $500k

Requirements: Good personal and business credit (if any). Good cash flow required (projections for franchise startups).

Good household income helps. Collateral helps, though not required.

Personal Credit

Personal credit cards, or possibly loans or lines of credit (based on qualifications).

Funding amounts are aggregate totals obtained from multiple banks

Requirements: At least 680+ FICO score on all bureaus plus income documentation


Merchant Accounts

0% processing merchant accounts. Cheapest merchant account in the industry, only available through our program!

Requirements: Clients refer other clients for discounted rate, thus this creates the opportunity to earn commissions from an ever growing group of clients

Works for almost any industry or situation. Most companies save from 25% to 50% on their monthly fees.

Inquire Below!

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