Looking for Investors With Liquid funds to deploy on Trust Deed Investments – Earn up to 13% per annum

Trust Deed
​It’s been a roller coaster year with the real estate market, if you didn’t meet your financial goals this year due to lack of deals, consider investing in trust deed opportunities, you get handed the best deals on a silver platter –  without the responsibility of marketing, lead generation, follow up, deal structure, project management, etc. you earn upfront points, monthly interest payments and in some cases- equity splits at the end.

Looking for Investors who want to invest in Trust Deeds, who have between $250K-$40M to deploy NOW on Southern California Non-Owner Occupied & Commercial loans. 

I’m also writing you to ask for your help to connect high net worth individuals, pensions plans or IRAs with a hard money lending company.
These investors can enjoy passive income from 9.99%-13% + per annum.
  • The loans are secured by trust deeds and may be 1st/2nds/3rds (Gap).
  • Broker has 10 yrs+ experience in hard money with $140M+ in loan originations
  • The Broker has developed multiple J/V programs to enable the investor to earn in cases 50% or more
  • Currently he is originating $4M – $5M per month, with a goal to raise $40M.
  • The properties are in Southern California and are non-owner occupied or commercial.
  • Each property/loan is personally inspected by the underwriter
  • Everything is turnkey – servicing, foreclosure if necessary, project management/rehab & finally disposition.
  • With a full pipeline, you can immediately deploy your funds to work on low LTV deals with turnover of those funds at least twice per year.
  • Escrow & Title with every transaction
  • Investors receive full due-diligence file before making decision or deploying funds

Check out the blog for more details http://trustdeedinvestingcalifornia.wordpress.com/

Document from the BRE regarding Trust Deed Investments, Click this.

or contact me directly. Greg – 858-386-0949 

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