Four Nationwide NPN Tapes

Four Nationwide NPN Tapes available consisting of 2,055 NPN’s with quick-close capabilities and direct access to Bank & Private Asset Management for all due diligence and formal questions. All property appraisal documentation will be available through Asset Management.


1st Tape:

  • Number of NPN:185
  • BPO Value: $7,538,051.46
  • Strike Price: $3,769,025.73
  • Discount: 50% OF UPB
  • Cherry pick: NO, Whole package must be bought in Full.

2nd Tape:

  • Number of NPN:417
  • BPO Value: $25,947,092.24
  • Strike Price: $16,865,609.96
  • Discount: 65% of UPB
  • Cherry pick: YES, Min 10

NPNS logo roof

3rd Tape:

  • Number of NPN:790
  • BPO Value: $44,698,198.63
  • Strike Price: $29,053,829.11
  • Discount: 65% of UPB
  • Cherry pick: YES, Min 10

4th Tape:

  • Number of NP:663
  • BPO Value: $28,567,839
  • Strike Price: $11,427,136
  • Discount:40% of UPB
  • Cherry pick: YES

An NDA must be submitted for same day package delivery. Motivated buyers may conference directly with the Bank & Private Ownership upon submission of an executed NDA.

This is for serious principals and direct buyers only.



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