Loans for Sale by Private Owner


Representing a private seller, offering:  

Portfolio of 100 loans they own and service. 

They want to sell the entire portfolio of 100 loans.  

The goal is to sell the entire pool to one investor, but if pricing is an issue  then selling small pools of loans will be an option.

Please make sure to give me an offer on each asset in the pool if you are not bidding 100% of the tape.  If your bidding on a pool of loans please make sure to give me an offer on those assets also on a loan by loan format…  The best way for the seller to review your bids is to write your offer minus the past due taxes provided.

Please note that many of these loans are making payments, also many of their values will be lower than today’s values due to older BPO’s.


Have your bids back to me on or before March 11th   If your offer is accepted you will have plenty of time to perform your due diligence with all of the files provided. The sellers aim to make sure of the lien position and it’s a “legally collectible loan”

*Due Diligence package available

If interested, serious principals contact me:


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