Principal Investors Wanted for Bank Owned Properties Nationwide, Most States.


Weekly new properties provided.

Get on the List; specify your location (s)

I’ll send you as much info as possible.

You do research, drive by, walk the property, make your best offers the first time.

I’ll submit your offer to the asset manager. I’ll have near immediate feedback.

I will need a current statement for POF. This is required due to sensitive time-frame to acquire assets.

In order for you to get the assets, you have to have your financing figured out in advance.

Some properties qualify for financing, either through my own sources or offered through the seller via their preferred mortgage lender.

If you need some Financing including Fix and Flip Financing, Rental Loans & Bridge Loans in select States: AZ,CA,CO,MI,NV,NC,OR,TN,TX,GA,VA,WA,WV

I’ll be asking you to sign a fee agreement for 1% or $1,000 of the purchase price, whichever is greater per asset purchased.

This is a direct source, guaranteed to be the smoothest process. I can’t promise bulk properties or large volume. But I’m seeing lots of deals major metros.

Every week I’ll have new opportunities nationwide.

Glad to deliver.


Also get Commercial listings monthly. Nationwide.

Inquire Below to sign up, be sure to be specific what you want, I have most states now in my inbox, they are FRESH as of today.


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