100% Financing up to 75% of ARV



(they lend their own money)


Their exclusive private money 100% loan program empowers Fix and Flippers to acquire more properties and build their operation to any size they can successfully manage.

On a project-by-project basis, our exclusive loan structure requires little or no down payment from the Flipper/Borrower.

100% of COMBINED PURCHASE PRICE AND REHAB COST LOANS up to *75% LTV of ARV, 7-10 day funding, ALL project costs funded, NO upfront fees, NO prepayment penalties, NO FICO, Interest Only, 12 month term, Closing Costs and Loan Fees included in loan *No down payment required from Flipper/Borrower when total project costs (E.g., purchase price, rehab costs, closing costs, loans fees) do not exceed 75% LTV of ARV.


**When all project costs exceed 75% LTV of ARV, the borrowers down payment is the difference between 75% LTV of ARV and the total project costs.

  • California ONLY
  • Residential ONLY
  • SFR 1-4 and Multi-Family

Asset Backed Lending 

  • 12 Month Loan Term
  • Fast 7-10 Day Funding
  • Interest Payments Reserved
  • NO Cross Collateral
  • NO Maximum Loan Amount
  • NO Up Front fees
  • NO Prepayment Penalties
  • NO Income Verification
  • NOO I/O Terms
  • Points and Interest Vary Per Loan

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