Spring Market Update and Seven Trends I’ve Noticed

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As the Spring makes its exit, it leaves behind a bustling market, Industry professionals can feel the heat of the summer approaching!

What a summer this will be!

Your network equals your net worth..do you agree?


I’ve never seen a market quite like it. Some things I’ve noticed:

  1. Potential home buyers can’t get their contracts accepted because they compete with “All Cash” offers. They are coming to me for bridge loans as a strategy for acquisition.
  2. Investors nationwide are aggressively seeking property finders, wholesalers, bird dogs and anyone with relationships to deliverable assets, I work with these investors and bring them to multiple sources for easy access to properties for investment.
  3. People are gaining (or have gained) their lost equity, now they want to access that potential capital, they’ve learned that “equity” is merely a concept unless you can get a lender to make a loan against that collateral. This can be tricky, but more private lenders are helping owner-occupied borrowers, I know of a couple.
  4. Property Flippers who haven’t flipped a property since before the bust are attempting to re-enter the game, this is also a tricky proposition..I now work with lenders who will allow you to bring a down-payment in lieu of a recent experience resume.
  5. Retiring sellers are discreetly marketing and selling their assets  off-market through consultants like me, these are: Development Projects they’ve been holding on to, Multi-family complexes, mostly in the South and Midwest with some in Southern California both small and large, sometimes very willing to carry financing due to tax implications, Large portfolios of Single family rented homes, Rented condo complexes Nationwide, especially South Carolina, Georgia, Vegas, California, Florida, Arizona, Texas.
  6. Most Investors are in-fact turned off by assets listed on the “open market” or MLS and will sometimes balk at FSBO listings on Loopnet. They relish in the feeling of acquiring something of great value and desirable to other investors exclusively and under the noses of their competitors. These deals seem to be the golden nuggets in the real estate industry..off course the best deals never hit either market. For example, I have certain investors I have relationships with that I’ll send specific product to, and I won’t offer it to anyone else unless they pass. These relationships are also being sought after heavily. This is the market trend I noticed years ago and decided to specialize in it.
  7. Prevalence of seller financing opportunities, both borrowers looking to buy on these terms and property sellers preferring to offer these terms.


IRA investors, Nest Egg investors, Trust Deed investors, Private Lenders, whatever they may call themselves are looking for awesome investments to deploy and grow their money. They come to me to get matched with Flippers who have consistent deal flow or maybe it’s their first deal and they’re looking to get started..

If you are a Principal Investor, I want to hear what you buy exactly..take my quick 2 min survey. Click Here. Lets work together!

If you want to get started with building some new quality relationships within my network: Buying properties, Selling your Properties or Joining my Lending Circle to access my Lender contacts.  Inquire below.


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