100% JV Project Funding Minimum $10M

funding done right


For many of the past 5 years, I’d receive many inquires from qualified investors with great projects looking for funding, and unless it was back by real estate, I could not help them, now the market is ripe with funding opportunities!

Working in conjunction with a NYC Investment Banker, we can now offer 100% Joint Venture Project Funding for a wide variety of Businesses….

From Retail, Business Accounts Receivables Turn Around Capital, Movie Productions, Import/Export, Real Estate, including; Purchases, Refinancing, Construction/Development, and more:

  • 100% of your Funding provided within 4-6 weeks
  • NO monthly payments, NO Interest, for up to 36 month Term.
  • NO credit check required
  • NO Personal Financial Statement or Cross Collateral Needed

REQUIREMENTS: Whether it is a purchase, refinance, or development, your funding request must make common sense, with a realistic and achievable exit strategy to repay capital for up to 36 months or less. We prefer investments not exceeding 70% of completed, sell out, and/ or full market value Client needs to bring” Fully Refundable” 10% cash deposit, to be placed in a licensed bonded, and insured third party escrow or title company mutually acceptable to BOTH parties. This will be “Refunded upon Final Draw period after Funding of the Project.

This payment covers the costs of: issuance of the bank instrument equal to approx. 120% of the loan amount, set up of the special purpose vehicle, legal fees, commissions and all closing costs.

Note: If we cannot raise funding as promised and close, this 10% fee is 100% refunded to the Client.



  • Funding provided from $5M to $100M
  • SBLC is repaid within 12-36 months, no prepayment penalty
  • JV Manager will share a minimum of AT LEAST 40% of the net resale and/ or operating profits, with up to 36 month term.


Our Investment Banker, once the JV contract is executed and the 10% is placed in a mutually agreed escrow, then uses his own internal credit lines to bring a fully verifiable, callable SBLC equal to about 120% of the requested funding. The cash instrument is then monetized, (using our credit lines, daily buy-sells within the brokerage account) allowing it to become fully cash backed in about 10 business days. Approx 4-6 weeks afterwards, funding is completed and we close.

The Client always receives 100% of the net funds required to close his transaction.


Let’s say Client needs $ 10,000,000 to buy a property, with a market value of $15,000,000.

  1. After execution of JV Agreement, etc. Client brings a minimum of 10% ($1,500,000) placed in a mutually agreed licensed 3rd party escrow.
  2. The escrowed funds are used to trigger our acquisition of an SBLC that will equal approx. 120% of the funding needed, or, approximately $12,000,000.
  3. Within 4-6 weeks, we fully monetize (leverage) the instrument, generating the funding needed
  4. At closing, the Client receives the net $10,000,000 needed to 100% close his transaction.
  5. Let’s say the Client then resells the Property for $15,000,000 within the next 12-36 months.
  6. Upon resell, Client will net approx: $5,000,000 in gross profits, before closing costs.


From the $ 15M gross resale profits, here are the deductions:

  1. Repayment of the $12M SBLC instrument.
  2. We then deduct our Minimum JV Fee of 40% Net Equity Participation/Profits :(-$2,000,000)
  3. Estimated NET RESALE PROFIT TO CLIENT: $3,000,000

Note: The above example [DOES NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT]: Int, Escrows, Closing Costs, Points, Etc…

We reserve the Right to build in an Additional 10% to Include ALL above Expenses, on Case by Case Basis.

Again, there are NO monthly payments, NO credit requirements and initial funding can be completed in 4-5 weeks.

Contact me now to get started!

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