Trust Deed and Equity Joint Venture Partnerships



A Private Equity fund that I work with offers active and entrepreneurial investors direct access to the best Real Estate-Owned (REO), Private Equity and Distressed investments in the marketplace – including Approved Short Sales, New Construction, Trust Deed Investments, Private Lending Opportunities, Private Placements and Sub-Performing Loan Portfolios.

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REO Advisor Direct Offers:

  • The combined strength of Investment Advisory, Asset Management and REO Real Estate expertise
  • A transparent, professionally managed and profitable portfolio building solution
  • An ongoing REO investment advisory relationship, along with specific Loan Sale Advisory, Real Estate-Owned (REO) Property, Distressed Mortgage Portfolio Assets, and Real Estate Investment recommendations.
  • Fully diversified investment strategies delivered via Active or Passive investment vehicles
  • Proactive capital preservation, risk management and transaction due diligence
  • A Choice of Four Proven, Profitable and Diversified Strategies
  • The ability to invest directly in distressed real estate assets and mortgage portfolio assets with confidence
  • Equity Joint Venture Partnerships are only available to registered clients of the Private Equity fund and its partner under the REO Advisor Direct™ program, and   is restricted  to  experienced  principals  only.


Delivering straightforward, powerful solutions for investing in today’s distressed real estate marketplace.

Their business model combines world-class real estate investment expertise and REO asset management with exceptional client service, in-depth-consultation, and an extensive track record of successfully closing real estate investment transactions.

The Private Equity fund and its partners approach delivers direct access to property owner, lenders, loan servicers, equity stakeholders, and the ability to act quickly to CLOSE investment transactions. The result is a proven and verifiable track record of successful investments across all REO asset classes. Since inception, the Private Equity fund has excelled at sourcing, acquiring, managing and disposing of distressed REO real estate and mortgage portfolio assets on behalf of its’ own corporate portfolio, investors, lenders, private equity funds and affiliated partner firms.

They deliver applied expertise across a broad range of REO Asset Classes nationwide.

All investments in the REO Advisor Direct platform are secured via titled real property, trust deeds, beneficial ownership of real property assets, equity participation and/or entity membership interests.

They focus on California investments for this program, but if you will invest in other States, there are additional opportunities.



DISCLAIMER: We are not  United States Securities Dealers or Brokers. We are Consultants and makes no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller. This message should never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon receipt of this message, the reader hereby acknowledges this Disclaimer.


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