New Home Equity Program


We are a new kind of Real Estate Investment Company; homeowners exchange the possibility of future appreciation for the certainty of cash today.

Unlock the equity in your home today without monthly payments or interest.


Our Real Estate Participation Agreement enables you to sell a share of your property’s future appreciation. By helping to manage both the risk and cost of ownership, this factor changes the economics of residential real estate.

The money you receive from us is not a loan, there are no monthly payments, and you still own your home. We are making an investment right alongside you, believing that more often than not, our share of the long-term appreciation will more than cover our initial payment.

For many of our clients, that money translates into new freedom and control. It can be used to pay off costly, high-interest credit card balances, reducing your monthly expenses and helping to better align your assets and obligations. Or you can use it to diversify your investments beyond real estate; after all, few people would tie so much of their wealth to a single stock.

You can use it to make long overdue home improvements, fund a child or grandchild’s education, make a charitable contribution or fulfill a lifelong dream—the choices are endless.

It’s your equity and now there’s a way to tap into it without introducing new debt, monthly payments or incurring interest charges. Best of all, you still own the home and can enjoy the benefits associated with it.


It’s a New Alternative to Home Finance 

Flexible Terms

An agreement can be tailored to your needs. We typically pay up to 17.25% of a property’s current appraised value in exchange for a share of future appreciation for as long as you own the home.

If, for example, a home had an appraised value of $750,000, we would pay you up to $127,000. The amount that you receive within that range is largely decided by you, based on how much appreciation you want to sell. We can show you various options to help you find the right balance between current and future needs.

Straight-forward Requirements

To qualify for our Real Estate Participation Agreement, you must satisfy certain requirements showing you are able to continue any payments and maintenance required on the home.

Both primary residences and second homes are eligible, providing they meet or exceed minimum value requirements in your market. At time of application, the maximum combined value of all mortgages may not exceed 80% of the value of your home. After submitting an application and paying for the appraisal of your home, it typically takes 4–6 weeks to complete the transaction and deliver your funds.

Transparent Calculations

Over the life of the agreement, appreciation is measured using the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index. ®

The S&P/Case-Shiller Index is widely regarded as the national benchmark for measuring home price movement. There are a number of advantages to using the index. For one, it helps to mitigate the subjective nature of appraisals. Also, if you add a bedroom or remodel the kitchen, the added value of those improvements will not be reflected in the index. You paid for them, and it’s only fair that you receive all the benefits. Perhaps best of all, the index is published on the S&P website. You can check its performance just by visiting, and you’ll know exactly where you stand for the life of our agreement.

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