Private Lenders Looking for Deals to Fund, Will Yours Be Next?

private lending

Private Lenders

Gap Lenders

Hard Money Lenders

JV Lenders

Trust Deed Lenders

Check Writers.

Whatever you choose to call them, It’s a pleasure working directly with the guys cutting the checks.

They are extremely intelligent and have amazing savvy, with their own criteria and specifications. It’s truly a relationship that they seek, one that will afford them the opportunity to make safe loans to qualified, experienced and ambitious operators.


Lately lenders in my circle have been asking about quality operators to lend to. They would make a loan for:

  • Fix and Flip deals
  • Commercial Acquisitions and Refinances
  • Construction loans
  • Luxury JV
  • Multi-Family
  • Cash-out Refinance
  • Include payment reserves in loan
  • 90%-100% Financing on Purchase Price
  • 100% of rehab
  • Fund control is expected or Escrow hold-back
  • Foreigner is OK!
  • Low Fico is OK!
  • Past Foreclosure and Bankruptcy (may be possible with letter of explanation)
  • Owner-Occupied is ok, but have sufficient down-payment and reserves.
  • 1st Time Investor OK!

I’ve personally seen them close loans in 7 days when title was done & appraisal was already completed, then accepted by the investor.

Most of my lender relationships prefer to make loans in California, this is the State that I can refer a check writer for 100% financing, Stated loans, Gap loans, Construction 2nds, and other creative loan structures.

However I refer to a lender that makes loans between 75%-90% LTV, with 100% of the rehab, they make loans in CA, AZ, NV, CO, WA, VA, WV, GA, FL, OH, IL, TN, TX, NY, MO,NC, SC,PA

I have some lender relationships with unlimited capital virtually if the operator has some skin in the game..this is needed to begin the relationship.

If you’d like to establish new relationships with private lenders, inquire below. Send your scenario and your goal. I’ll make personal introductions if I think it’s a match.


If you’re a lender and looking to deploy your capital on real estate backed projects, you can earn up to 13% per annum, secured by 1st or (JV) 2nd Trust Deed. JV Lenders are normally offered 50%+ split of profits and earn points at closing.

We protect lenders by:

  • Including reserve payments (6 months+) in loan
  • Hold-back and Control the Rehab Funds
  • Underwrite each file conservatively
  • Title/Escrow for each transaction
  • Utilize servicing company to handle admin of loan.
  • Have construction teams on-board & real estate agents prepared to complete renovation and resale if foreclosure and disposition occurs.

Contact Me Now! 858-386-0949

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