Developers and Real Estate Investors Wanted for End of Year Deals!


I have some very Unique Opportunities Available to Principals including: 

California Fully Entitled Vacant Land Projects to build Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Opportunities. $8M-$60M up to 350+ units.

Almost 2,000 units Value Add Apartment Units in Atlanta Georgia area, multiple sellers.

120 Dallas Texas Single Family Portfolios, multiple sellers

California Multi-family Units up to 120 units ($16M)

California Shopping Center $5.5M

Malibu Lots, Venice Lots – Build Luxury Homes

10 Condos for Sale Los Angeles $850k Each or $5.25M

Luxury Flips in Calabasas, Brentwood, Hollywood, Coronado, with large spreads.. $500K- $800k+ $2M+

Opportunities to Joint Venture in deals with other investors.

Investment Opportunities

If you have funds to contribute to a flip, you can be passive or active, it’s up to you. We can connect you with some deals.

I work with contractors, experienced flippers, lenders with deep pockets and other gap/JV lenders..

Have good Credit and want to leverage that? Contact me.

Of course I can help you get financed if you have some skin in the game.

If you are in acquisitions mode: Contact Me Right Away. 

Serious Inquires only please.




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