Have $20K? Become the Bank! Gap Lenders Needed!


Be The Bank

If you’ll be flexible about where you’ll invest, and live where you want to live, but invest where it’s smart, you can grow a small amount into a nice nest egg to store away for a rainy day. Surely your 401K is not performing like it used to..banks aren’t paying much in dividends anymore. The days of “living off of your line-of-credit” are long gone.


Many of our neighborhoods are left in the wake of the equivalent of a financial hurricane, destroyed and in need of desperate rehabilitation and TLC. Some brave souls are taking matters into their own hands and are writing offers in hundred on dilapidated and/or abandoned properties nationwide, in recovering markets, they need you.

There is a need for Gap Lenders who want to invest smaller amounts  of capital for short-terms – 90 days to 6 months.


Usually the amounts of capital needed are between $20,000 to $150,000. These are great opportunities to pair with established operators who’ve flip hundreds of properties in their careers.

They have multiple deals at one time, the markets they flip in are:

  • Chicago
  • Florida
  • Atlanta
  • Tennessee
  • California – SD, LA, Riverside, SF, OC
  • Las Vegas
  • Denver Colorado
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Michigan
  • DC
  • Virgina
  • Carolinas
  • New Jersey

If you have capital that you’d like to put to work, contact me, I work with a team complete with 3rd party mortgage loan servicing companies to handle all of the compliance / loan processing and document preparation, with full title insurance, simultaneous recording, added as a loss payee on the home insurance, including the closing is done for you!

My business partner ran a private equity firm so structuring debt & equity loans is her specialty. She also has a knack for finding Southern California investment opportunities, you will have the opportunity to invest $150K to $1M for equity joint ventures.

The Investors are Offering Returns of  20% – 30% 

If you are looking to pull the trigger this year, let me know!

If we want to improve our economy and jump start small business, we have to do it ourselves, we can’t wait for elected officials to do it for us! People say they are waiting for the election, but how will that change the total situation?

We have to start from the inside and improve the tax base by rebuilding our homes.

Contact me if you’re interested. Experienced or not. We work with the professionals to hold your hand.

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