Luxury Hollywood Fix and Flip Opportunity will be Funded using Private Equity

We went out on a site visit with an investor looking to invest in luxury L.A. flips with high ROI’s.

This is becoming an everyday thing: investors with millions that have different problems..they need to keep their capital moving!

Investors who have thousands want to grow their nest eggs faster, while at the same time leaving the hard work to professionals who know what they’re doing.


This property is priced above $3M with rehab construction at $2.5M, and conservative ARV’s of $12M-$13M in an area where homes can sell for $70M. Young & affluent types, Hollywood types, and Corporate Executives pay ridiculous prices to obtain homes with premium views such these.

Looking For Trust Deed Investors & Angel Investors: If you want to invest in these sorts of deals in 1st position, GAP position (2nd Trust Deed w/equity participation) or otherwise, let me know. I get these opportunities weekly.

Calling All Experienced Operators: Are you looking for strong capital partners who can virtually fund unlimited capital if the deals are strong? Look no further.

What I’ve really been hearing for the last year and even more so this year, is that lenders want to establish long-term relationships with the best investors who they can trust with their hard-earned capital with..those investors usually have multiple projects going, they have capital to contribute, but want leverage to work on multiple deals at one time. If this is you contact me right away!

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Funding Fix and Flip projects, refinancing properties with equity, making funds available to rehab & resale, acquisitions+rehab+closing costs(sometimes carry costs) UP TO 95% – 100% financing & 75% of ARV.

General Rule to Qualify: Prove that you don’t need the money! Then they easily give it to you!

So ironic, but I don’t make the rules, I just play the game.

Lenders have started to lend more capital which is a great thing; however they are becoming increasingly more picky about the borrower..

Things that turn off private lenders:

  1. Having NO skin in the deal.
  2. Credit Issues – Judgements, Tax Leins, etc; things that require (letters of explanation)
  3. Incomplete packages
  4. No experience
  5. No Assets/Reserves
  6. Rural properties
  7. Tight deals, low profit, high risk loans
  8. Loans under $200K
  9. Getting Loans that you’ve shopped to many lenders
  10. Short Timelines to perform..example: asking to close in 3-5 days or less (rushing the lender for answer)
  11. Properties with title issues
  12. Development deals that don’t have approved plans/permits/entitlements, etc. (they want the project to be ready to go!)

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