Have You Been Searching for EMD Funding? We offer Nationwide Help.



Capital available for Ernest Money Deposits with the following parameters:

  •  $2,500-$50,000
  •  Up to 60 day escrows
  • Quick funding decisions
  • Not a loan; no points, no interest, no monthly payments
  •  No up-front fees or costs

EMD Markups are as follows:

  • Under $5,000, 100%        Ex: $4k EMD pays back $8k
  • $5,000-$25,000, 50%        Ex: $20k EMD pays back $30k
  • $25,000+,  35%            Ex: $45k EMD pays back $60,750

        Available in all 50 States


Why EMD Funding?

  • Don’t tie up your precious capital, use theirs.
  • Allows you to leverage yourself into more deals.
  • Having EMD funds can mean the difference between a deal happening or not.
  • It can be critical when it comes to putting a property under contract.
  • Without EMD an investor cannot lock up a property.
  • Must have a realistic and verifiable exit strategy. (Must prove where the money is coming from)
  • Short-term only.
  • You can be new or experienced. The loan is based on the structure/strength of the deal.
  • Structured as a Joint-Venture, Lender is repaid through escrow.


  • Deal Summary including address, comps to prove ARV, rehab bid, exit strategy, investor Bio/resume. Need to know: Timeline to perform, COE.
  • Quick Funding’s are available if complete Package is submitted.
  • Unique – Not debt or equity; not a loan or ownership.

To Apply – Inquire Below or Email – Greg@FixandFlippers.com

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