Non Performing Notes For Sale in OH & PA


If you are like many of the investors I work with, and you are having a harder time finding great investment properties to buy.

I believe it’s time to expand your investment strategies. This is an opportunity to gain access to a private seller offering  First Lien Non-Performing Mortgages.

To gain ownership and control over the home, you’ll need to complete the already begun default process or work out a deal with the existing owner/borrower (“cash for keys”). Alternatively, you may be able to work out a deal to get the borrower to begin paying again.

You can cherry-pick the available inventory.

29 Non-Performing Notes in Pennsylvania – Spread out throughout the State, 5+ in Philadelphia.

21 Non-Performing Notes in Ohio – Akron, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton

The prices from $13,000 to $205,000! Get started today!

Simply sign Working Fee Agreement & NDA and I’ll introduce you to the seller and they’ll send you the loan docs with full appraisals, sample purchase contracts.

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If you buy non-performing assets, but not these type, please feel free to send your request.

If you like these notes, email me right away!

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