Joint Venture L.A. Real Estate Opportunities Available for Investors


I’m reaching out on behalf of a group of clients that I have been consulting with for almost 2 years now. They’re wonderful guys and I’ve helped them get many loans.

We are looking for investors who have liquid capital and want to inject your funds into high-end luxury fix and flip projects in Hollywood Hills & Arcadia, Los Angeles areas.


We are able to pick up properties in the $1.22M range, tear-down and build gorgeous 4,000 sq.ft modern properties for $450k that sell for $500 sq./ft + that’s $2.9M+ Resale!


Purchase the home for $5.750M Rehab the home for:$4.250M, the lot has been cleared, permits, plans are approved and ready to go!

That’s on one scale,  then we can buy at $2.5M, Rehab:$2.5M
homes are selling for $1,200 per sq.ft. with $12-13 million Conservative Resale!  Sits above homes that are selling for $17M.


These investors can expect to be welcomed with favorable JV terms that often exceeds 25%, in 12 months with points in exchange for 90%-100% financing or Project Funding with equity splits starting at 50/50. We finance the interest-only payments and hold-back the rehab funds to protect the investor. All secured with trust deeds and joint venture agreements. All projects are shovel ready!

The Principals are very experienced with 30 yrs of construction and over 100 completed projects with liquid assets around $5M. they want to remain somewhat liquid in order to comfortably scale their business and grow.

A perfect situation would be a rich uncle, but short of that, an experienced lender who understands ARV lending and/or a lending entity who wants to quickly get started with the funding & acquisitions of these available opportunities.


If you’re interested in becoming a joint venture partner with an experienced operator, please contact me, I often have smaller residential & one-off commercial projects to get involved with.

If you’re an experienced Flipper, Builder, Wholesaler or Operator who needs ARV lending fr your projects, please contact me.

If you are in the L.A. area, we can easily meet and discuss your plans, I’m in the West Hollywood/ Hills area. | 858.386.0949


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