When It Comes to Selling Your Home, Keep It Clean

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When It Comes to Selling Your Home, Keep It Clean

The process of getting your home ready to sell and placing it on the market, can be a stressful time for anyone but doing so while managing the logistics of a busy household can be daunting. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you’re getting ready to list your home like identifying what needs to be updated and freshened up or what other homes are selling for in your neighborhood. The trick to minimizing the stress is to make a plan and do your best to stick to it. Here are ways to stage and live your home until it’s sold.

Declutter Your Space

No one wants to buy a filled up, filthy house. Up your house’s appeal by tidying up and cleaning it out. If you’re not sure where to start, ask a friend or real estate agent for a fresh perspective. Decluttering can also help identify which rooms may need a little extra attention like paint or carpet cleaning. Kids rooms can be the messiest. Pre-listing is the best time to rid their closets of any clothes they’ve outgrown or donating toys they’re no longer interested in. Enlist the help of the family and have everyone take a room. The fact is you are more likely to maximize the profit of selling your home if you spruce up and pare down to essential, less personal items. Here is a declutter guide to get you started.

Make Cleaning a Game

Sure, you’ve cleaned your home and it’s ready to be put on the market, but you also live in it with your busy, messy family. It’s hard to keep it clean for more than a minute. One of the best ways to keep your house clean is to involve the kids by making cleaning fun and turn house cleaning into a game. Momtastic suggests making a toddler cleaning kit for kids who like to mimic what their parents are doing or have a laundry race whereby you shout out a color, blow a whistle and send the kids off to their rooms to pull any dirty items in that color. You can also try a game of laundry basketball. Once the kids get into it, it’ll be easier to maintain.

Know Your Worth

Before you list your property, consider checking out other home listings in your area. By determining how competitive your market is, you’ll have a better idea of what buyers are expecting and looking for. Not to mention you can see what the competition is up to. For example, the average price for a home sold in Orlando, Florida was $239,000 last month. You wouldn’t want to list your similar in size and amenities home for $400,000, as you may not get any looks. Understanding “comps” in your area, or comparables, is key to being successful in selling your home. A professional real estate agent will be able to guide you on where to start.

Staging is Key

Not all homebuyers will have children. Think about modifying the game room into a more grown-up office or flex space. Equally true, not all homebuyers will want an in-home office. The point is buyers shouldn’t have to guess the purpose of a room. Give rooms their purpose. Staging will help define what each room is generally to be used for. The Home Buying Institute offers 14 reasons to stage your home before you sell. Some include getting a head start on packing, giving the impression of a well-maintained house, and giving buyers a great first impression when they enter, among other things. Staging can even be done on a budget: freshen up with a can of paint, rearrange furniture or use slipcovers when necessary.

Selling your home can be a stressful time, but getting the kids involved with the cleanup and maintenance is doable. Make a game out of cleaning and reward the kids with hugs and kisses. Keeping your house clean and welcoming is key to selling your home!

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Kris Louis

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