80/20 or 100% Financing for Fix and Flips & Buy/Hold Projects Nationwide

Multiple Programs Available

  • 80/20 Loan Combo with 100% of Rehab, 20% Down Needed on Purchase, Interest Rate varies on credit, starting at 8%
  • 90/10 Loan Combo with 100% of Rehab, 10% Needed on Purchase, Interest Rate varies on Credit, Starting at 8%
  • 30 yr Fixed or 5 yr ARM – Buy/Hold, Landlord loan, Up to 75% LTV, 660 fico Min. Rates start at 7.5%, up to 360 months! Cash-out OK! Pre-pay applies.
  • 100% Financing Joint Venture with Gap funding, Asset based! Credit Score not a factor, 15%, Low out-of-pocket costs, up to 85% of (ARV) After Repaired Value! 50/50 Profit Split after sale that steps down after subsequent transactions. Loans come with 6 months pre-paid interest.

If you are finding great (cheap) deals in your local (hot) market and you can’t find anyone to finance these properties, contact us, we can!

Niche Loan:

  • Under $75,000 is allowed! Up to 100% financing, Credit Not a factor
  • No minimum Loan Amount
  • No Fico Requirement
  • 15% and 5 points.

Buy/Hold Acquisition with quick bridge loan, Rehab, Stabilize, then Refinance into Long-Term, Low interest loan, this can be 90/10, 80/20, or 100% financing (acquisition + rehab) with 25% profit split on the backend after the refinance.

Better to use business entity. (LLC, INC) They prefer you to be in contract when you apply. Costs to start doing business is $299 for underwriting the file and gets you a term sheet, then $450 for express appraisal, Then you’ll pay 5% of the smaller of the 2 loans (20%)

Example on $100,000 JV Combo loan: 80% 1st loan – $80,000, $20,000 2nd loan, pay 5% of $20,000  = $1,000 + $299 + $450 = $1,749 out of pocket!


Luxury Properties are OK !
Spec Developments with Approved Permits/Plans (Shovel Ready) 80-85% LTC, 9.5%, We can then Refinance you into a 5.5-6.5% rate construction loan for 12-24 months! (Select markets) Southern California, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Some parts of DC.