Available Assets


Fix and Flip/Development Wholesale Opportunities

lyrs=m@209000000&hl=en&src=app&x=193&y=410&z=10&s=GalilProperties are nationwide, the concentration being in the South, Southeast, and Midwest. We get California , Florida, Georgia and Arizona fix and flip wholesale properties weekly. These are owned privately, recently purchased  by capital investment companies, or under contract with wholesalers. Most properties have not been rehabbed or otherwise improved, and requires someone with experience to complete repairs and/or handle project management, then later property management.   These are sold As-Is, where is.1220Bucks-Foreclosure-blog480 It is very easy to purchase these properties, we have owner financing, seller-financing and otherwise private finance options to complete any strategy. There is no minimum to how many you have to purchase, and certainly no maximum.

Performing Portfolios of Rented Properties

I have access to portfolios nationwide, with concentration being in Florida and  Georgia, California, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, that are currently performing with a positive track record and between 12+ months seasoning, hand-picked pre-screened tenants. These can be purchased single or in pools as well. There are also opportunities to joint-venture to co-create these performing pools to later re-sell for profit. michigan

Non-Performing NotesNPN

We have established solid relationships with direct-private-note-sellers. These notes vary in asset class, location and protocol. We have access to notes both commercial and residential, in many states.

Commercial Properties Nationwide

We have established relationships direct to buyers & sellers of Commercial Retail, Multi-family, Industrial, Offices, Improved/Un-Improved Land, Bulk Pools, Bulk Rented Pools, REO Pools, NPN Pools. These are nationwide pools. Or One-Off small tapes.

Land ~ Improved & Unimproved imagesResidential/Commercial

We have a wide variety of vacant lots, some notes, others are REO, some owned by banks, others privately owned. You can purchase a single lot or 150. We have large plots of unimproved land, 25 acres, 100 acres, etc. in mostly  Florida, Georgia,  and Southeast, Midwest States.

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3 thoughts on “Available Assets

  1. I’m direct to 2 Funds that are looking for Distressed Note pools assets for SFR must have BPOS valued avg 120k+. I’m interested in bringing them forward if you have the inventory readily available if not please keep me in mind. My email is lozadainvestmentsllc @gmail.com


  2. Looking For SFR Buy and Flip Deals Throughout Los Angeles and Orange County with a Minimum of 12% Return


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