Join Exclusive Buyers List!

You’ve found my blog somehow, most likely you are looking for great deals!

Over the past 5 years I’ve been working on developing marketing funnels and techniques to reach sellers of assets of all classes.

I’ve been primarily sending out listings provided by my colleagues during this period.

Sometimes these “opportunities” turn out to have incorrect or misleading info or plain and simple is NOT a deal..

I’ve been having success getting direct to sellers of properties in CA, MidWest, SouthEast, East Coast and Nationwide.

This is why I’m asking you to complete the survey below in full, this will be used to prepare “personalized emails with exclusive opportunities” 

I’ll need to be working directly with a principal and will want to execute a working agreement if you want unrestricted access to the seller/owner.

I will not restrict addresses (or sanitize pertinent details) to anyone who desires to be on my  New Buyers List

This is my best effort to reduce unwanted Spam and to keep off-market listings private and truly off-market.

If you are a broker, intermediary or agent, I will happily work with you and your principal in the same manner listed above, once we are all papered up.

I’m sourcing assets DAILY. As I feed the marketing machine, the listings will improve & diversify.

Also I will keep a spreadsheet of the existing inventory in-whole, and available upon request, per specific criteria.

This is a chance to end the chasing of broker daisy circles to get to the principal sellers.
Also you’ll have a source for assets to help you achieve your financial goals.
I don’t want to play games or waste my time or yours!

My true goal from this survey is to understand what, where, and how you buy. From that info, I can send what you are searching for. Then we can develop a relationship based on trust and professionalism. If you show your hand, I’ll show mine.

This is not an anonymous survey, please complete the contact details part. Thanks!


Complete the Survey Here. thanks


3 thoughts on “Join Exclusive Buyers List!

  1. I have found a property, it’s 189 owner will carry with 50,000 down does your company invest in this kind of property?


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