Private Lending Consultant Flight School 2020


Are you Looking to Diversify Your Income?

No Experience Needed! Learn From home at Your Pace!

Learn the exact skills I use to close loans from $40,000 to $4M.

  • Become better informed and more financially literate.
  • Desire to work from Home or Anywhere?
  • Want to be your own boss?
  • Are you a Real Estate Agent or Financial broker that wants to add another income stream?
  • Are you currently working with investors but want to increase your lending circle?
  • Has a lender dropped your deal and left you hanging, or worse, caused you to LOSE A DEAL?
  • Are you tired of dealing with brokers are aren’t closing loans?
  • Stay at Home Dad or Stay at Home Mom? Learn new skills.
Private Loan Outlook

The future for finance consultants is amazing!

Every week for many years now, I’ve been contacted directed from private lenders, hedge funds, family offices, insurance companies, institutional investors and fix and flip investors all wanting to be introduced to each other.

There is a genuine need for someone to play “match-maker” between operator and investor. They both desire to do business, but how do they meet?

The Private Lending Consultant is on the front lines, mastering the social media conversation, maintaining client relations, all while remaining discreet, highly professional & communicative with the utmost integrity.

Problem Solvers

The Private Lending Consultant learns new skills daily, and since they are exposed to many different financial loan cases, they eventually learn to read financial statements, tax returns, profit/loss, bank statements, appraisals, inspection reports and LOTS MORE.

You will have the opportunity to network with people in high places, many of those with wealth, assets and more experience than you would be great to add to your new sphere of influence.

By mastering these new skills, you will quickly become a resource center for your friends, family, and clients since you’ve expanded your circle.

A close and trusted family friend who I won’t name here taught me this one lesson and it dramatically changed my outlook on life and business.

Greg, nephew – almost remember, your net-worth is directed related to your network.

And he was so right!

I’d NEVER be where I am today if it weren’t for my contacts, and I acquired MOST of them indirectly or directly from my real estate ventures and most importantly: my private loan network.

No Cap on Income!

This is my favorite part of discussing the opportunity!

  • You can work with investors nationwide.
  • After training, you’ll be able to consult on fix and flip loans, commercial loans, and business loans.
  • Most loans pay 1-3% depending on the loan and the amount.
  • If you want to use small numbers, assume $100,000 loan for real estate could net you $1000 and takes 3-4 weeks.
  • If you choose to work in higher-end markets like I do, you consult on loan options from $500k to $3M very regularly, and you will earn $5000 to $30,000 in those cases.

Create Your Own Referral-Based Business!

With the skills you’ll develop, relationships you’ll create, the money you’ll make (let’s manifest together!) You can easily scale this into a home-based business with multiple assistants; train your own referral partners to employ your new marketing strategies to duplicate your efforts.

With the fix and flip industry heating up right now, homes are showing up on the market and are needed to be liquidated to clear the books!

Join this Training course and Learn-To-Earn.

mentoring Available now



6 weeks of One-on-One Zoom meetings. FREE 6 months membership included in Mastermind Group, Resource Bundle with full documents, You receive lenders list with full contact info included.


6 Modules of recorded courses. FREE 3 months membership included in Mastermind Group, Resource Bundle with full documents, You receive lenders list with full contact info included.


Referral Partner Program. You can refer deals, I will work to close the deal. Resource Bundle.

You get to split the fees with fee!

  • Commercial loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Fix and Flip loans
  • Business Loans

Since the course is LIVE you’ll get to ask me any question pertaining to our business or a specific case.

Private Lending Consultant Flight School LIVE Course

6 weeks of Zoom meetings. FREE 6 months membership included in private Mastermind Group, Resource Bundle, lenders list with full contact info.


Private Lending Consultant Flight School Recorded Course

6 weeks of recorded modules. FREE 3 months membership included in Mastermind Group, Resource Bundle, lenders list with full contact info.


Join the Private Mastermind Group

Once you’re a member, you’ll get an immediate invite to my new, private paid mastermind group. As we progress, you’ll be able to network with fellow students, affiliate members. With the LIVE and Video Courses, you’ll get pre-paid months of membership.

There is safety in numbers.. if we band together, we can shorten the learning curve. Dealing with capital and finances requires lots of specialized knowledge, you won’t gain it all in this course, but you will develop a foundation, from there you can build your empire!

Greg Wilson – Private Loan Specialist and Real Estate Pro

I broke into real estate by accident, running away from a boring job as an insurance salesman, stumbled my way into a high-rise in downtown Flint Michigan and the rest was history! It wasn’t until moving to California did I fell into loans and private lending, eventually specializing in business-purpose, investment, construction and/or hard money loans.

I’ve served as a Realtor, Loan Consultant and currently, “General Contractor Candidate” I co-own a full-service Construction company – Delta Construction and Design, Inc. in San Diego with my partner Larry Murolo, and a new Smart Home division – Signature Smart Construction with my brother Chris Nelson in Malibu, California.

While this training will prepare you for consulting investors on private loan options, It should be noted that while most States do not require special licensing for certain loans, some will require you to have them like Las Vegas. We’ll work together to research those issues.

I’m providing expert advice and consultation based on real-life experiences.

It is my advice that you seek formal licensing as well, to compliment taking this course. The knowledge you’ll gain is priceless, also affords you many additional income sources.


Referral Partner Program

You want to participate in the real estate industry as an affiliate. You can refer our programs to anyone and earn a referral fee.

All you need to do is provide a name, phone and email. I’ll provide a starter kit to you get you started!

Includes full contact info.

  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Private Lenders

Referral Partner Program

Make Referrals, Get a starter kit to find some leads


Need a Private Consultation?

Want personal attention requiring more of my time outside of the offered training courses?

You can pre-book a private and discreet consultation in 1 hr blocks. We can deep-dive into any problem, issue or concern that you may have. You now have the opportunity to capture my undivided attention to help you conceptualize strategy, structure transactions, focus on specific goals or just work through scaling pains, you chose.

Private Consultation

Private, Discreet Consultation to allow for dedicated problem solving, deal structure, advice, additional instruction on specific topics, strategy or marketing. You choose the agenda. 1 hr.



As with most things in life, you will get maximum value if you are open-minded, stay plugged in, and remain mentally tough as failure is always an option.

My results are not typical, but assuming an individual has a similar drive, tenacity, knowledge, and tools to perform this job, they have the capabilities to be VERY successful.

These are NOT consumer loans, they are from private companies, individuals or institutions that prefer to be discreet, but they depend on referrals for their deal flow.

This is not to be considered an offer of financial advice or commentary, I will not be explaining a “get-rich-quick” scheme or plan.

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