Get Unsecured Fico Based Funding – 680+

Fico Based Unsecured Funding Up to $200,000 in 10-15 days! No upfront Fees! No Risk

  • Do you have good credit but little to no available cash?
  • When you combine unsecured funding with JV hard money = 100% Financing
  • Cash for Home Purchases, Commercial Properties, Rehab, and Down Payments.
  • Unsecured lines of credit for any use
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Convenient and Affordable terms.
  • There is no pre-payment penalty
  • You do not have to risk your personal assets such as your home or retirement.
  • No financials, bank statements, tax returns or proof of income required
  • Our funding process can be as fast as 15 business days.
  • We offer a discount to Veterans.
  • Our minimum loan is $25,000 and our maximum loan is $300,000.
  • Partners and couples, we can fund up to an additional $300,000
  • Takes business 2 days for processing.

Funding Highlights:

  • Up to $200,000 in Revolving Lines of Credit with Only a One-Time Success Fee per credit line accepted.
  • Fund in 10-20 Business Days
  • No Income Documentation required
  • Must Verify some form of Income
  • 100% Unsecured
  • No home or assets required
  • We have “Equifax Only” funding Option (Often the (3) credit scores can differ greatly, if the Equifax score is higher, then the emphasis is placed on that one.
  • No business plan necessary

Qualifications for Funding:

  • 680+ Fico
  • Revolving balances below 40% of credit limit
  • At least 4 “open” & “seasoned” primary tradelines
  • No more than 4 inquiries per bureau last 90 days
  • Prior BK must be over 5 years

Our Fees:

  • NO Upfront Fees
  • Back end success fee AFTER FUNDING 15%
  • Direct Funding Platform

An example ​of fee schedule: ​would be $200,000 x 15% = $30,000 out of the backend funding.


Contact me Directly:

One thought on “Get Unsecured Fico Based Funding – 680+

  1. Seeking perpetual funding for flips , buy n holds and wholesale gaps. We farm single family houses , 1-4 multi units, and small sfh portfolios. We keep at least 24 deals in our pipeline continuously. Proven Sunlight Properties LLC creates win-win deals in Illinois , Texas and GA.. Our Associate Member leads Jigz Construction LLC… Our specific areas of interest are primarily hot resell areas only ,such as metropolitan suburbs and college areas. Thanks


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