Residential Assets

We specialize in providing Off-Market Luxury Flips that are being marketed discreetly. 080207 015 (Large) We have relationships with top real estate professionals who are either directly selling these assets or are their mandated representatives. 2 The majority of these opportunities are in Southern California, primarily in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County markets. These properties may be bank owned,wholesales, privately owned or short-sale status. These properties may be tear-down opportunities or simple fix and flips. We have been seeing the demand for land for development due to low inventory increase in the last 2 years,  many of these value-add opportunities land on our desk with a short-window of availability. The market is so aggressive right now that best assets sell within 3 days. IS-1jhilgxfa8gv1 We have been fortunate to land contracts on properties prior to them hitting any broker networks or MLS boards. Once we get these assets under contract, we aim to assign our interest for a fee and move on to the next transaction. In some cases with extreme upside we will require a joint venture position. Also this year the demand for non-performing notes has spiked. We are seeing private and bank owned note pools & “One-Off’s”  These pools range in cost from 15% of UPB to 85% of UPB. We are seeing pools that are set to be sold in bulk from 100+ notes to pools of 200+ notes that you can cherry-pick. We have access to notes nationwide, both seasoned and freshly originated notes.My beach house 018 We specialize in selling bulk-rented turnkey portfolios nationwide in various markets, unit mixes. etc.


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4 thoughts on “Residential Assets

  1. Put me on your mailing list. I always have buyers for off market properties. I have multiple buyers for sfr Los Angeles and south to San Diego plus several buyers that want to purchase properties in Northern California. Look forward to receiving your mailing list.


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