Fico Based Unsecured Funding – Up to $200,000 in 10 days! No upfront fees! No Risk

  • Up to $200,000 in Revolving Lines of Credit with only a one-time success fee
  • Fund in 7-10 Business Days
  • No Income Documentation required
  • No Verification of Employment
  • 100% Unsecured
  • No home or assets required
  • We have “Equifax Only” funding Option (Often the (3) credit scores can differ greatly, if the Equifax score is higher, then the emphasis is placed on that one.
  • No business plan necessary
  • 680 or below in some cases
  • Revolving balances below 60% of credit limit
  • At least 4 “open” & “seasoned” primary tradelines
  • No more than 4 inquiries per bureau last 90 days
  • Prior BK must be over 5 years
  • NO Upfront Fees
  • Back end success fee AFTER FUNDING 15%
  • Direct Funding Platform
An example of fee schedule: would be $200,000 x 15% = $30,000 out of the backend funding
To achieve desired amount it can be one loan or multiple loans. But more likely multiple banks. Perfect for creating capital for Earnest Money Deposits (EMD) or used as GAP Funding for Hard Money loans! 
Credit Monitoring Login Info Required: If you do not currently have a credit monitoring service you must sign up with or IdentityIQ for $17.95 in order to submit for pre-qualification evaluation.

This is the only info needed:

  • First & Last Name:
  • Email Address
  • What is your current credit monitoring service?
  • Credit Monitoring Login Username (may be given over phone):
  • Credit Monitoring Login Password (may be given over phone)
  • Last four digits of SS#
  • (may be given over phone)
  • Equifax Credit Score
  • Transunion Credit Score
  • Experian Credit Score
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Military Affiliation
  • Are you currently working with other funding sources at this time??

Contact Me Direct: or Inquire Below!

Shovel Ready Pacific Beach Development Fully Entitled $950K!

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Current Status of the Property –

Lot has been cleared and Ready to go!


Address: 1270 Emerald St. San Diego 92109 –

Land Comp: 1220 Emerald St. $900,500 sold 10/19/16

Finished Comp: several in the area between 1.7M-1.8M

Cost to Build – $550,000

 Price- $950,000 

The permit needs to be paid for and pulled by April, otherwise it will expire. There are no issues. Seller just want to sell. However, if he doesn’t find a buyer, he will pull the permit and start building it.

They have already paid for everything that was needed to get the coastal permit approved, ie: architectural, structural, soil test, surveying, water drainage study as well as utility relocation, temp pole, and demo. This is a shovel ready project.

Coastal permit has been paid for and issued. Building permit has been fully signed off and approved. We just have to pay the school fees and inspection fees and pull the permit. These fees amount to about $8000.00

At this time seller doesn’t want to J.V. and prefers to sell fast with cash.

I’m Direct to the Seller and this is an off-market sale! Contact me Direct. | 858-386-0949


How to Analyze and Finance Fix and Flip Opportunities


We’ll begin hosting seminars from experienced flippers who are also my friends for anyone interested. The seminars are free to provide info. We’ll introduce the 1st host:

My friend and colleague Tyrone Harris will be hosting this webinar today! Check it out! If you can’t make it, sign up at the bottom to get news for the next class.

House flipping has become incredibly popular, profitable, and… risky?! That’s right, many people who try to flip houses end up failing. In this brand-new seminar from Fix and Flippers, learn how to correctly analyze a house flip opportunity and save yourself from a financial disaster!

Don’t pay a “so-called” Guru thousands of dollars for coaching, you’re flushing your money down the toilet!


Start working directly with Private Funders and their Opportunity Network.  We train rehabbers to properly use private funding sources and leverage existing funds.  We will train you to use our deal analyzer to fund your fix and flip projects, wholesale deals and buy and hold properties.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 biggest mistakes new investors make when analyzing deals
  • How to estimate rehab costs like a champWebinar-_Fixand_Flippers
  • The truth about the “rules of thumb”
  • How to use the Fix and Flippers deal analyzer
  • And so much more!


No Doc & Low Doc Loans for Investors Nationwide


No Doc Loans

Asset based lending in: AL, CT, FL, GA*, IL*, IN, LA, MD, MI*, MO, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH*, OK, PA, SC,

** AR, CO, IA, KY, ME, MT, NH, NM, UT, WA, WV, WY**
OH* Not in Cuyahoga County.
MI* Not in Detroit, Flint.
IL* Not in Cook County.
GA* VA* Closing in Entity Only- LLC/Partnership/Corporation/Non-Profit
** MUST BE IN MSA- lookup here

3 Options

Max Loan – $1M

1.) FLIP ONLY 12-month Interest Only – 12%-13% 4-5 pts

Max LTV – Experienced – 75% purchase, 70% refi, Inexperienced – 75% purchase, 65% refi

Closing Fee – $1,000

Min Loan for Purchase – $38k, $46k for Refi

No Pre-Pay Penalty

2.) Flip or Rent 36 months, 10-year amortization – 13% – 14% 5-6 pts

Max LTV – Experienced – 75% purchase, 70% refi, Inexperienced – 75% purchase, 65% refi

Closing Fee – $1,000

Min Loan for Purchase – $34K, $46k for Refi

No Pre-Pay Penalty

3.) Rent Only 36 months, 30-year amortization – 12%-13% 5-6 pts

Max LTV – Experienced – 75% purchase, 70% refi, Inexperienced – 75% purchase, 65% refi

Closing Fee – $1,000

Min Loan $80k (based on appraisal) for purchase or refinance

There is a Pre-Pay Penalty

630 fico is minimum

Low Doc Loan

Purchase, Refinance, Rate & Term, Cash-out

Min loan amount — $45k

Min Property value – $60k

Prepayment Penalty – 5% stepping down 1% each year

Eligible Borrowers: US Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens

Borrower must have liquid 1 month reserves for leased properties, 3 months of liquid reserves if property is not currently leased. Proof of the down-payment is required.

Asset Verification: most recent tax return, retirement account value reduced by 50%, stock, bond and mutual funds value reduce by 30%.

Appraisal Requirements: All loans require appraisal, and will cost between $385-$425

Loan Type:


30-Year Term

Index: 12-month LIBOR

Credit Requirements: Min Fico of 630

We need a copy of a tri-merge or will need to pull one. Need minimum 24 months of credit history, No bankruptcies past 4 years, No foreclosures, Short Sales, or Deed in Lieu in past 3 years

Must have minimum 3 active trade lines per borrower in last 24 months

Borrower will need to escrow 12 months for hazard insurance, and 2-3 months for impounds, 3 months for taxes.

Rates – Between 7.5% – 9.1%

Title can be in LLC name

Closing in under 17 days

Contact me Via email –

Car Wash For Sale Yucaipa, CA $$5.3M


Motivated Seller offering complete, fully operational revenue generating car wash / single or multi-unit retail facility.

All mechanical equipment is new with current tenant configuration being: Single user (.99 cents store). All inventory of both facilities go with the sale. Seller available for consultation after sale as needed.

Car Wash revenue from May 2010 through April 2011 was in excess of $547,000. With “Detailing” in excess of $30,000. The 99 Cent Store generated sales of more than $187,000.  With more than $50,000 taxable/non-taxable revenue. Total sales during the above period exceeded $817,000. Net earnings during the same period were in excess of $329,000. Request Profit & Loss Statement.


This is a fully functional facility generating revenue daily and requires no changes or improvements to continue current operation. All car wash and 99 cent store inventory goes with the sale. The property also has city approved site plan for multi-tenant use specifically retail auto parts, tire sales, and auto repair shop as an alternative configuration. Request Site Plan.

This business has a significant presence and much “Goodwill”  within the community.

Car Wash 2

Located in the heart of the city of Yucaipa on the primary road running through the core of the city, surrounded by multiple-tier one/national tenants such as Bank of America, Chase Bank, Von’s, Stater Brothers, Fresh & Easy, Rite Aid, Big Lots, Etc.

Utilities are reasonable. The property is about 10,000 sq.ft the car wash is about 4,400, Grocery Store is about 5,400. There is a current lease with the grocery store for the next 14 years, brings in about $94.5k/yr.

For full Executive Summary Contact Me Direct. | 858.386.0949

Fix and Flip Funding

Residential Fix and Flip Funding Guidelines

Purchase and Rehab


Loans Available in these States:


  • Purchase & Refinance  Origination Fee 3-4%
  • Interest Only 8% to 11% 12 month
  • Purchase plus 100% rehab available.
  • Total loan amount MAX $1M.
  • 1 -4 Unit SFR, including condos, townhomes, & PUDs
  • LTV starts at the property AS IS value NOT what you are in contract for (up to 75% LTV of AS IS value).

Rehab funds are 100% draw based. Meaning based on completed work. Client does approx. one third of the work and requests a draw through our Processing Dept.
Note: Minimum $75k total loan. Minimum population 30-50k towns + case by case if in a low population area.

  • NO second position allowed after 1st position
    Judicial states – Add 50% more to rate (Florida, Illinois, Ohio)
  • Non owner occupied only

Acquisition: Live-in Condition Only:  NM, OK, WY NY, NJ


Hollywood Hills Development Project Available

2131 Kress Street Los Angeles. CA 90046
This is a vacant lot project that a builder I know decided not to move forward with.
They demolished the small house that was on the site but ran into a snag with their permits, now they’re 6-9 months away from approval. Could also consider a J/V with $650K down towards a new loan. They have plans to build a 3,100 sq.ft home with appraisal in-hand dated 6/9/16 ARV – $3.4M, Rehab Budget – $571k
They are letting it go around $1.7M
I live down the street, its a great private street, off Sunset/Laurel Canyon.
Great Hollywood Hills location, affluent, exclusive area.
I took the pics recently.
I can show you the site anytime.
We can provide financing with 10-20% down-payment. Inquire about Private Funding for your other projects! Foreign buyers OK! Low Fico OK!, 1st Time Investor OK!, Credit Problems OK! Unique Situation (but have income to make the loan payments and down-payment) OK! Residential = ARV Lending, Commercial= Creative Structure for well qualified principals. Refi & Purchase groups/portfolios of rental properties nationwide.
Strong terms for CA loans. Largest loans for ARV fix and flip scenarios. Tear down OK!
Fast Bridge Loans to close transactions with quick cash funding 2-5 day funding.
If you want to put your funds to work, we can introduce you to a few opportunities to get your feet wet and build a relationship with one of the principals I work with. They are offering lenders 20%+ ROI within 6-12 months.
Primary Markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Sacramento, SF
Call Greg – 858.386.0949 |

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