23 Yuba City SFR Rentals – Bulk Sale

Looking for Off-Market California Opportunity with Easy Management and No Headaches?!


I’m marketing these for a friend who is the Owner/Builder of these properties.

He is selling them in bulk, as they are ALL Rented and Cash Flowing!

23 homes in Yuba City, CA Same 2 Streets! Small Subdivision!

Built by seller in 2005-06, *Pride of Ownership, he has a yard maintenance company and handyman on-call for service calls as well.

These properties are not distressed, and they are not in disrepair! They are in wonderful condition, beautifully manicured with easy owner/operator management.

Because the seller is a builder, he is constantly developing properties, renting them, holding them for a period of time, enjoying the tax benefits, then he sells and repeats the process.


The seller is looking for a strong offer from a principal. We won’t be arranging calls with brokers or reps.

I will only introduce a potential buyer directly to the seller after POF is presented and verified.

Buyers- if you have an agent, you pay your own agents/brokers.

1183 John Wayne

The seller is offering these in a bulk fashion as a premium asset steadily gaining equity and value.

  • Fully Rented – Approx $30,000 w/upside
  • 100% Off-Market!
  • Price – $5.8M
  • Property taxes $70k-$75k
  • Insurance – $10k-$15k
  • All are 3 and 4 bedrooms!
  • Lawn Care provided by Landlord
  • Utilities are paid by tenants
  • Seller wants a cash sale, No terms offered.
  • If you have a down-payment, financing can be arranged

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Call me – Greg Wilson – 858-386-0949

12 Home Portfolio for Sale in East Texas!


Retiree looking to liquidate his portfolio. He purchased the properties in 06-07, He is a CA investor that has a long time manager who lives in the area that keeps the properties rented. They receive ½ mos rent credit,  and a cash bonus on top of that if they replace a tenant. Currently they are all rented, except one which is being cleaned up and there are multiple applicants who’ve applied for these properties. There is no problem keeping them rented. On a beautiful gated community with a PGA Golf Course

  • The properties bring in $10,015/mos
  • $120,180 – Income Annually
  • $10,700 – Insurance
  • $12,018/yr Property Management

Five of the properties that are within Holly Lake Ranch, a 5,000 acre gated community, have Association dues of about $5,800-$6,600/yr, He passes this cost along to the tenants in the rent – $110/per month.

You can purchase 5 properties in Holly Lake Ranch for $374,750

Price – $882,450. 16,299 Sq. Ft of property. (12 SFR’s)

For the addresses, Inquire below: