New Private Loan Options for Investors and Flippers!

What an amazing year for private funding, hard money, commercial funding, equity funding, business funding, unsecured funding; all kinds of capital for many purposes.

Lenders are stepping up to make loans in ravaged areas in Florida  & Texas, as well as nationwide in major urban areas.

Fix and Flippers works with key lending partners to provide the best loan terms and flexible structures so investors have multiple options for leveraging their hard-earned capital.

The climate of private lending has changed because competition has greatly increased, also the influx of 1st-time flippers hungry to get a piece of the pie has produced a perfect storm: lots of inexperienced & unqualified applicants to pre-screen and underwrite – it’s a very expensive operation if you have your underwriters, processors, and assistants burning through hours of documents if they don’t lead to real closes with ROI for the investors involved & for the brokers who bring the business.

This has resulted in more restrictive requirements for approval such as Fico score minimums – from my experience, they question why a successful businessperson who is worthy of a risk of $100k-$1M wouldn’t be able to pay even $1000 to repair and clean up their credit? Also, please don’t mention 2008 or the past economic events – they don’t want to hear that! It’s 2017.. Bottom line – without 650+ fico scores expect high-interest rates (9-12%) and lower LTV’s due to you being a credit risk (80%-85% LTV max)

What mitigates your credit score IF you have a great explanation? (like a recent credit event within the past 2 months caused your score to swan-dive)

Having lots of experience (recent experience) again, don’t mention 2008 or prior…and most lenders may look the other way and consider you a better risk.

What if you don’t have recent experience and your score is not 650+? Then I’d be prepared to bring 15% down-payment, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be seasoned or sourced, but it has to be have a statement to prove you have it.

Also, I have a great contact that I use for credit repair and authorized user trade lines (I know the account holders) – just ask me for those referrals!

What if you have no experience, and have no down-payment, but have good credit 680+ fico?  I’d suggest you apply for my unsecured-credit program to raise up to $250,000 unsecured credit lines/cards in 1-2 weeks to create a 100% financing scenario!

If you are a great candidate – have completed multiple flips and/or rental purchase/acquisitions within the past 24 months, 650+ fico, and 3-6 months of interest reserves in your bank account, I can roll out the red carpet for you in most cases: 90% LTC or 90% purchase, 100% of rehab, luxury spec builds/construction to $2M-$50M, commercial refinances with cash-out or purchase 75%-80%, even small loans from $50k.

Niche Loans: Gap Loans – These are 2nd TD loans that we make behind our 1st TD’s, never others. We will gap great candidates with lots of deal flow that have experience, capital, average to good credit and the deal must be in an urban area and pencil at or under 65% of ARV (after-repaired-value) Lots of our lenders make loans nationwide.

Commercial  Financing- 3yr/8yr/ fixed, special pricing this month! Hotel, Apartment, Industrial, Self Storage, Solar Projects, Multi-Family, Office, Warehouse, NNN properties, Shopping Center, Assisted Living, Residential portfolios, Construction Loans, Mobile home Parks, Resort properties. Bridge loans, SBA

We can make QUICK (3-5 day loans) against Free/Clear properties up to 50% LTV, max loan is $50k, the minimum is $5,000!

With my 16th year in real estate, I’d consider myself a massive resource center, and its hard to turn those contacts into a commodity,  I hope points & rates won’t keep the best candidates from reaching out! Most of the time, I only give the best deals to people whom I have done business with (broke bread) once we feed each other, I know we have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Let’s finish the year strong and build some alliances! – 323-632-3279

Loans for Investors Nationwide

Loans for Investors

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Examples of Deals We Can Get Funded!

  • 70+unit multifamily Apt Complex in Portland, OR looking for 65% LTV refi-cashout
  • Borrower looking for a 24 month personal bank statement program(self-employed)
  • Foreign National with no American credit buying a $1.2million condo in San Diego area
  • Borrower looking to purchase a $450,000 triplex near Buffalo, NY with 66% LTV
  • Broker has a VIP client who bought a property 13 months ago & wants to refinance the hard money note.
  • Borrower has a quick short-term (3-6 month) $450,000 purchase in Oklahoma City area
  • Broker has a couple wanting to buy a brand new $580,000 home in metro-Dallas with 20% down
  • Borrower who has 16 properties in Myrtle Beach that wants to refi-cashout $2,000,000 for more
  • Broker has a client who wants to simultaneously refi-cashout $240,000 to buy another rental property
  • Foreign National who has American credit who wants to buy a $1,300,000 condo in New York City.
  • Family trust of 3 family members who bought a $510,000 rental property in Chula Vista, CA.
  • Borrower who wanted to buy a $3,000,000 trophy home in Aspen, CO with 35% down payment
  • VIP client who has 1031 exchange $950,000 who wants to buy four investment properties in metro-Seattle
  • Broker who has a struggling client in a foreclosure that wants to refinance at 53% LTV.
  • Borrower who had a bankruptcy 2 years ago, a foreclosure currently & still wants to buy a property
  • Client who has a 468 FICO score who is looking to refinance a property into his own name(divorce)


I’d like to Trade Professional Referrals with: 

  • Bankruptcy attorney
  • Foreclosure specialists
  • Tax attorneys
  • CPA’s
  • Insurance Agents
  • Financial Advisors
  • Medical Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Real Estate attorneys
  • 1031 Exchange firms

Call Me Today! 858-386-0949 Submit Your Scenario:


Private Funds Available for Fix and Flip Projects in Los Angeles

Projects that involve Acquisition + Rehab (or tear-down) can be financed using many different private-loan structures. Qualifications are heavily based on experience of principals, their personal financial statement(s) and location/marketability of the subject property in mind.

With 10-20% of total project cost, we can get your project financed, this could be in the form of: Seller-carry (2nd position), Cross-Collateral in real property with equity, or Cash.

Private Lenders will fund deals in select markets, on a case-by-case basis. Residential, Owner-Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied, Commercial, Purchase Refinance, Rate/Term & Cashout.

Email or Call me or Reply Below

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Greg Wilson – – 858-386-0949

Fix and Flip Funding

Residential Fix and Flip Funding Guidelines

Purchase and Rehab


Loans Available in these States:


  • Purchase & Refinance  Origination Fee 3-4%
  • Interest Only 8% to 11% 12 month
  • Purchase plus 100% rehab available.
  • Total loan amount MAX $1M.
  • 1 -4 Unit SFR, including condos, townhomes, & PUDs
  • LTV starts at the property AS IS value NOT what you are in contract for (up to 75% LTV of AS IS value).

Rehab funds are 100% draw based. Meaning based on completed work. Client does approx. one third of the work and requests a draw through our Processing Dept.
Note: Minimum $75k total loan. Minimum population 30-50k towns + case by case if in a low population area.

  • NO second position allowed after 1st position
    Judicial states – Add 50% more to rate (Florida, Illinois, Ohio)
  • Non owner occupied only

Acquisition: Live-in Condition Only:  NM, OK, WY NY, NJ


Private Money – Purchase or Refinance Loans! CA Only


Do you Need Direct Private Money to Purchase or Refinance an Investment Property in CA? 

  • 24 hour loan quote!
  • Do you need additional construction money?
  • Is your loan coming due?
  • No Appraisal Required
  • Quick Close!


80-90% of purchase and 80-100% of construction cost.


100% financing, including closing costs plus 100% of construction cost.

Loans from $100k – $7M

Assets Classes:

  • Single Family
  • Commercial

Special Programs available for foreign nationals.

For a quick loan quote provide the following:

  • Property Address
  • Purchase Price
  • For Refinance send current payoff amount
  • Rehab Costs
  • ARV

Call Greg @ 858.386.0949 Or


Wholesale deal LAGUNA NIGUEL Reduced Again! Come See it Today!

image (1)

24705 Kings Road Laguna Niguel, CA  92677

Wholesale AS-IS : $ 1,0​​65,000.00

4071 sq. Ft. = $ 267 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 3.5

-Formal Living
-Formal Dining
-Family Room
-Large Bonus Room with a Balcony
-Large Master suite with Retreat with a Balcony

Last Sales: (within .25 miles)

-24676 Royal Ridge LN $1,332,500 3061 sq. ft SOLD 1/21/16
-24601 Palace Court LN $ 1,050,000 4030 sq. ft. SOLD 12/4/15
-24665 Royal Ridge LN $ 1,249,000 3003 sq. ft. SOLD 10/1/15

Actives: (within .25 miles)
-24742 Kings Road LN 2833 sq. ft. asking $ 1,099,000
-24651 Kings Road LN 3653 sq. ft. asking $ 1,350.000
-24501 Kings Road LN 2600 sq. ft. BACKUP $766,000 (CLOSING SOON)

   Come See it Today! 

Call Greg – 858-386-0949

If you needing funding and have a down-payment, let me know.

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