Investment Property Loans for Investors and Small Business Owners.

Mortgage Solutions Designed for Hard-to-Qualify Borrowers.

Flexible Investment Property Loans.

Regardless if you are a seasoned real estate investor, a savvy house-flipper or an entrepreneur in need of your first real estate loan, my lender partner can help you finance your vision.  

They offer asset-based financing that rivals hard money. And because time is money, their loan processing is fast and streamlined so you’re on your way to realizing your vision quickly. These loans are perfect for short-term, long-term or fix-and-flip transactions.

Their flexible investment property and small commercial loans are available for: 

  • Investor
  • 1-4 Multi-Family
  • Mixed-Use
  • Retail Office
  • Automotive
  • Warehouse/Self-Storage

30-year Investor Loans with No Balloon.

Consider locking in the historically low rates with no balloon payments.

The loan is designed for investors seeking a simple financing solution for purchase or refinances, with the flexibility to remain in the loan for up to 30 years.

This loan eliminates the balloon payment associated with private money loans, along with the rate hikes of adjustable-rate mortgages.

Because the FlexPerm loan is asset-based, it’s perfect for independent, buy-and-hold real estate investors and small business owners who are tough to qualify.  

Key Features:

  • Great for qualifying W-2, self-employed investors and small business owners.
  • Based on the property value and its revenue-generating potential.
  • Best alternative to hard money loans.
  • Available as a 3-year-fixed or 30-year-fixed loan, each amortized over 30 years.

Loans for Fix-and-Flip Investors.

Fast and flexible fix-and-flip loans for real estate investors

Renovations can be hard work. Arranging the right financing solution should be simple and quick. 

In as little as nine days, you can obtain up to $2 million in funding for your investment acquisition.

Their ARV loan is designed for independent real estate investors who are often tough to qualify. Based on the property’s “as repaired value” (ARV), it’s the best short-term, interest-only solution for acquiring and improving property value for fix-and-flip investors. 

Key Features

• Allows borrowers to finance improvements.

• Great for borrowers who need a quick close.

• An interest-only 1-year term provides lower monthly payments.

• A higher LTV than hard money lenders.

• Available for Investor 1-4 properties (SFR, condo and 2-4 units).

Even if you have a bankruptcy, you can still get financed after 24 months after the discharge date.

Quick and Easy Qualification for Investors and Small Business Owners With Credit Issues

Investing in residential and commercial properties is a long-term commitment so why should your options be limited? If you’re looking for an easy and quick qualification for your investment property loan, and you have credit issues and high equity, I can help.  

Whether it’s a purchase or refinance, this loan offers easy credit requirements for your residential investment and small commercial properties. 

Key Features:

• Great for borrowers with a recent bankruptcy or notice of default.

• No seasoning of ownership required.

• Derogatory mortgage history is OK.

• Available as a 3-year-fixed or 30-year-fixed loan, each amortized over 30 years.

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On-Demand Project Managers to Your Site! Perfect for Contractors and Home Flippers

Why is Residential Construction is Ripe for On-Demand Disruption?

With a record year for the on-demand industry in 2019, the big prediction for 2020 is that on-demand companies will expand to new industries.

This is happening now in residential construction. A common issue with residential construction is going over budget, not meeting deadlines and plainly losing (wasting) money primarily due to lack of communication.

Most contractors do not use project management software to keep their jobs in-line.

95% of all residential remodel projects end up in frustration. Homeowners go into a project excited about their contractor only to soon be in the dark about what is going on.

TRY Project Buddy Services Today!

Check out: The new on-demand startup “Project Buddy” is the 1st of its kind and planning to revolutionize the industry: Creating completely transparent transactions between homeowners and contractors. Simply put, Project Buddy helps organize projects.

Project Buddy
Project Buddy Founder, Robert L. Williams

“After years of consulting in the construction industry I found that almost every job had a point where the client thought they were being cheated, it was almost always due to a simple lack of communication. Construction remodel projects are very organic and change daily. I started Project Buddy to help both Contractor and client stay up-to-date on a weekly basis.”

Project Buddy, from PGN Design Group, works with a cloud-based construction software that all parties have access to with their smartphone, tablet or computer. Project Buddy finally makes it easy for homeowners to follow the progress of their construction project from anywhere and makes it easy for contractors to keep their clients updated on day-to-day progress of their projects. It works with 5 easy steps.

  1. Upload project information to Project Buddy cloud-based software.
  2. Take daily photos of the project.
  3. Create daily work logs.
  4. Contact all contractors, subs and architects for scheduling purposes.
  5. Create an “end-of-week” report for the project.

So who’s doing the actual work? Numerous “Buddy’s” manage jobs in the areas that they live in. They can work as much or as little as they want. Think of it as the “Uber for Construction Projects“.

The service will operate on weekly contracts so that there is no big commitment from homeowners or Buddy’s. For contractors, there’s no need to hire and train full-time employees only to have the burden of their salaries on the books when it gets slow.

At the end of each week, clients have the ability to either “opt-in” if they like the service or “opt-out” and we’ll see you on the next one!

Project Buddy will have the ability to do one or all of their jobs. The company is poised to disrupt the residential construction industry by helping smaller companies with growth, and larger companies with quality control. The price is $497/week for most projects, cheaper than the cost of a laborer sweeping up the site!

Why Use Them?

  1. Lost Time = Lost Money
  2. Cloud-based Software = Transparency, 24/7 access from any device.
  3. Organize contractor = Get’s the Job Done on time and on-budget!
  4. Weekly contracts = No Big Commitment
  5. One low rate for any size project (single-family or multi-family)

Project Buddy has launched in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area with expansion to other major cities in the U.S. later in the year.

Preferred Partners:

  • Contractors/Developers – Instead of carrying a payroll employee as a superintendent, we can replace that cost, and we have no problem with working for 1 week..
  • Real Estate Agents – You know all of the Wholesalers, Flippers and Homeowners doing remodels, refer our service and receive a $497 referral for each.
  • Architects – You work with homeowners and flippers too, with our service, you can monitor the project remotely and not get left out of the circle. Refer our service and receive a $497 referral for each.
  • Hard Money LendersCLOSE MORE LOANS. We can act as a 3rd party service provider that can be financed and used as a kind of “insurance policy” Lenders can require their borrowers to use Project Buddy, and they’ll always know what’s going on with the project! Two words – Accountability Partner. Protect their loans. Fewer foreclosures will increase bottom-line. No COST to the Lender – You can build it into the loan (its a cost of doing business)
  • Owner Builders – You want someone to babysit the work-site, and you don’t want the job?
  • We’ll help week-to-week until you don’t need us anymore! You can see all the progress on your smartphone or preferred device, and read the notes left by the Buddy. Perfect Communication!

Book us for one job, for one week and you will quickly see how easy and smooth your job/s will run.

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Non-QM Niche Loan Programs

Owner-Occupied Non-QM

  • Up to 95% LTV
  • 1 month Bank Statement Program
  • 12 or 24 month Bank Statement Program
  • VOE Only Program
  • 1099 Only Program
  • P&L Only Program
  • Asset Depletion Program
  • Credit Scores Down to 500
  • Foreclosure Bailout

Non-Owner-Occupied Non-QM

  • No Income Verification up to 80%
  • No Income Verification for cash out up to 75%
  • NO DSCR Required
  • Ficos down to 600
  • 5+ Unit Apartment Bldgs.
  • Mixed Use Properties
  • Loans held in LLC and Corps.

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Fix and Flip Lending in all 50 States

Nationwide Direct Lending


Working with a new lender who has funds to invest.

  • Loan Amounts: $100,000-$1.25M
  • 1st Mortgage Only
  • 12 months with option to Extend
  • 4 pts.
  • 11%-14%
  • Loan-to-Value – Up to 75% of After-Repair Value
  • Short term interest only loans to experienced speculators, investors and home builders
  • Acquisition and rehab funds for 1-4 family residential properties for the purpose of rehab and resale.
  • Direct, Private Lender
  • They make loans in every state, underwrite and fund in-house
  • Primary factors for loan qualification are the value of the subject property and the borrower’s prior history with fix and flips.
  • They run a credit report, but no minimum fico requirement, they do not require tax returns or tax verifications
  • Seasoned Investors preferred
  • Up to 90% Acquisition Funds & 100% Rehab Funds
  • No W2’s or Pre-Payment Penalties
  • 65% Cash-out Refinance

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Fix and Flip Funding

Residential Fix and Flip Funding Guidelines

Purchase and Rehab


Loans Available in these States:


  • Purchase & Refinance  Origination Fee 3-4%
  • Interest Only 8% to 11% 12 month
  • Purchase plus 100% rehab available.
  • Total loan amount MAX $1M.
  • 1 -4 Unit SFR, including condos, townhomes, & PUDs
  • LTV starts at the property AS IS value NOT what you are in contract for (up to 75% LTV of AS IS value).

Rehab funds are 100% draw based. Meaning based on completed work. Client does approx. one third of the work and requests a draw through our Processing Dept.
Note: Minimum $75k total loan. Minimum population 30-50k towns + case by case if in a low population area.

  • NO second position allowed after 1st position
    Judicial states – Add 50% more to rate (Florida, Illinois, Ohio)
  • Non owner occupied only

Acquisition: Live-in Condition Only:  NM, OK, WY NY, NJ


San Diego Point Loma Off Market JV Opportunity

6XXX Gage Drive San Diego, CA 92106

Options for Buyer:

Finished Lots ARV- $2,800,000  ($1,350,000 per lot- $1,450,000)

Build 2 Home & Sale ARV- $5,350,000  ($2,600,000-$2,800,000 per home)

Investment Options:

  1. Purchase Price- $1,950,000- Buy Outright
  2. Capital Infusion- $492,000- 30% of Profit


  1. Costs to finish the lots $215,000
  2. Costs to build out 2 homes $225/SF (we have estimate in hand)  $1,850,000


The project site is a 21,610 square foot lot in the wooded district in Point Loma, CA.  There are currently three structures on the site, a 2008 square foot house built in 1952, a separate structure over an indoor pool and a detached garage.  There are also a wide variety of large trees spread across the property. Our investigations have shown the highest and best use for the site is to split the existing 21,610 square foot residential lot into two residential lots at approximately 10,805 square feet each.  The exit strategy is to sell both of the finished lots.  Each lot will be “Ready-to-Build” with an approved parcel map, approved plans and paid permits.  Lot 1 will have bay views and Lot 2 will not have views.  The development team has done considerable work with an architect, engineers, consultants, contractors, The City of San Diego and local utility providers to move the project forward with the proposed use in mind.  The lot spit and the layout and plans for the two homes as proposed for the project is 100% conforming per the codes of The City of San Diego planning department.

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CURRENT DEVELOPMENT STATUS There is a surveyed site plan, architectural drawings, which are updated as progress is made, and external renderings for each home. The demolition permit for the existing structures was issued in late December 2015. Various engineers have been working with to prepare the parcel map, the coastal development permit and building plans for submittal to The City of San Diego.  The parcel map, the coastal development permit and building plans will be processed concurrently through the City of San Diego planning department. The next step is to demolish the 3 structures on the property and remove the trees

ARV for 2 finished lots 

Based on the comparable properties and the neighborhood and the location of the subject property, it is our estimation each of the finished lots on Gage Drive will sell between $1,350,000 and $1,450,000. EACH

Request the address and offering which has plans, bio, and full executive summary for more details. | 858.386.0949

Wholesale deal LAGUNA NIGUEL Reduced Again! Come See it Today!

image (1)

24705 Kings Road Laguna Niguel, CA  92677

Wholesale AS-IS : $ 1,0​​65,000.00

4071 sq. Ft. = $ 267 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 3.5

-Formal Living
-Formal Dining
-Family Room
-Large Bonus Room with a Balcony
-Large Master suite with Retreat with a Balcony

Last Sales: (within .25 miles)

-24676 Royal Ridge LN $1,332,500 3061 sq. ft SOLD 1/21/16
-24601 Palace Court LN $ 1,050,000 4030 sq. ft. SOLD 12/4/15
-24665 Royal Ridge LN $ 1,249,000 3003 sq. ft. SOLD 10/1/15

Actives: (within .25 miles)
-24742 Kings Road LN 2833 sq. ft. asking $ 1,099,000
-24651 Kings Road LN 3653 sq. ft. asking $ 1,350.000
-24501 Kings Road LN 2600 sq. ft. BACKUP $766,000 (CLOSING SOON)

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