Looking for Lenders for 1st Trust Deed Fix & Flip deals.


A hard money broker I’m friends with told me he has way more deals than he has funds. He is looking for new trust deed investors for fix and flip deals. A lot of investors I am meeting cannot find loans or flip projects that pencil out..yet they still need to move their funds around. They earn between 10%-12% return and up to 30% in some cases. Are you interested in deploying some funds? I can introduce you to his team.

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Luxury Flips are Great Opportunities in the Market

We helped a client obtain the off-market property through an agent relationship, then we introduced him to a private fund. they offered our investor a 100% financing fix and flipper loan. This covered the acquisition, rehab, and we secured a 2nd loan for closing costs. Deal outline:  Purchase price was $1.5M with $300k rehab, with an after-repair value of $3M+.

We specialize in luxury flips and jumbo fixer loans.