Mixed Used Development Opportunity Los Angeles & Vegas Multi-Family 22 Units Available


Attn: Developers! Fantastic Opportunity to Build a Landmark Property on Beverly Blvd.

  • Price – $22M
  • 3 Parcels. 75.500 SF piece of re-development land in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Mixed-Use, Zoning – LAC2 & LAR4. Currently there is 61,500 SF of Commercial space & 14,000 SF of residential land.
  • Adjacent to downtown LA, Echo Park, Beverly blvd 90057
  • 350 ft frontage on Beverly Blvd.
  • Westlake area
  • Property takes up 2 corners on busy street
  • Walking score is 85


22 unit Multi-Family Building right off of the Vegas Strip

  • Price – $1.6M, 25% Down Payment – $400K
  • Price/Unit – $72,727
  • Price/SF – $68.97
  • 22 Units
  • 2 Stories
  • Built in 1961
  • Lot Size- 24,393
  • Current CAP – 5.85%
  • GRM – Current 8.47
  • NOI – Current – $93,555
  • Net Cash Flow after Debt Service – Current – 5.5% / $22,181
  • Total Return – Current – 11.2% / $44,628
  • CAP Rate – Pro Forma – 7.41%
  • GRM – Pro Forma – 7.71
  • Net Operating Income  – $118,579
  • Net Cash Flow After Debt Service – Pro Forma – 11.8% / $47,204
  • Total Return – Pro Forma – 17.4% / $69,652

Property is Free & Clear

Proposed New Loan Amount – $1,200,000

Terms: 3.65%, 30 years, 5 year Fixed, 75% LTV, Due in 30 years, DCR – 1.42

  • 18 units – 2/2, 1000 SF, Current Rents – $650-$700, Monthly income – $12,150
  • 4 units – 3/2, 1300 SF, Current Rents – 900, Monthly Income – $3,600
  • Total SF = 23,200, Total Income = $15,750

Landlord pays Water & Gas, Tenants pay Phone, Electric

Common Area Features:

  • Courtyard
  • Pool
  • Outdoor Grill
  • Secure Gated Entrance

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If interested, Contact Me ASAP! I’m direct to the sellers, they are also lenders and can provide Debt on any of my property opportunities or any of yours!

Greg@fixandflippers.com | 858.386.0949



Non Performing Notes For Sale in OH & PA


If you are like many of the investors I work with, and you are having a harder time finding great investment properties to buy.

I believe it’s time to expand your investment strategies. This is an opportunity to gain access to a private seller offering  First Lien Non-Performing Mortgages.

To gain ownership and control over the home, you’ll need to complete the already begun default process or work out a deal with the existing owner/borrower (“cash for keys”). Alternatively, you may be able to work out a deal to get the borrower to begin paying again.

You can cherry-pick the available inventory.

29 Non-Performing Notes in Pennsylvania – Spread out throughout the State, 5+ in Philadelphia.

21 Non-Performing Notes in Ohio – Akron, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton

The prices from $13,000 to $205,000! Get started today!

Simply sign Working Fee Agreement & NDA and I’ll introduce you to the seller and they’ll send you the loan docs with full appraisals, sample purchase contracts.

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If you buy non-performing assets, but not these type, please feel free to send your request.

If you like these notes, email me right away!


Reduced! Wholesale Deal in Rancho Mirage Available for Assignment


4 Saturn Circle, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
3 beds 3 baths 1,948 sqft

NEW! Reduced Price – $420,000 (includes all assignment fees)
Creative Financing for Experienced Parties. Gap Funding may be Available!

We want to Assign our Contract!

Interior update in the amount of $70K – 
Details of the property:
Rare Rancho Mirage Cul-de-Sac Hillside Fixer-Upper in neighborhood w/much more expensive homes. NO Home Owner Association Fees!! Custom Built – One Owner. The immediate neighborhood of 17 homes can support up to $700,000 in value. Adjacent street of 10 properties are upwards to, and well over, $1,000,000 plus. Serious opportunity to buy into a far more expensive neighborhood of only 28 single-family homes plus 5 or 6 individually gated private estate properties. Live in it, rent it, or see the potential of this truly below market property & remodel it. Have contractor bids available, plus digitized original plans. Has a 297+- square foot atrium & square footage could easily be incorporated into living space.

ARV :  Sell this property with full rehab for $700k.

Here are a few figures to help you make a decision:

Current estimated value:

REI36                        492,745
FindCompsNow          493,993
Chase                       508,000 to 621,000
Trulia                        463,000
Zillow                        493,993
Redfin                        540,862

If interested, you can get in! Contact me ASAP. Greg@FixandFlippers.com – 858.386.0949

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This Won’t Last, so Walk through Today!

If you buy properties/notes & looking for a wholesale source, send your contact info and request to me TODAY!

Looking for Commercial Loans, Construction & Hotel Loans?


LTV / LTC Up to 80%
Rate: 8-14%
Term: 1-4 years
Amortization: IO
Recourse: Typically Flexible
Exit Fee: Typically None
Extensions: Up To 1 Point
Eligible Properties:
Residential (Multifamily/Condo Inventory)
Retail (Strip Malls and Stand-Alone)
Student Housing
Senior Housing
Office / Medical Office
Warehouses / Distribution/ Light Industrial
Mixed Use
Hotels / Motels and much more just ask.


If interested, submit your executive summary and loan scenario to Greg@FixandFlippers.com or inquire below.

Hot Homes Index For Los Angeles County 2016


Hopefully I didn’t miss too many chances to connect and network with you guys over the past month, but through the holidays I’ve been preparing for a move and now I’ve relocated permanently to Los Angeles this year which had been a goal of mine for many years. Entering my 14th year in Real Estate, I’m very excited to be here & positioned to make it the best year ever. The County has tremendous opportunities in Fix and Flipping luxury properties for large profits in the $1MM+ range, plenty of deep-pocket investors with massive capital stacks reserved for the best Flippers, Developers, Operators & Entrepreneurs who desire to use O.P.M (Other Peoples Money).

This year I’ve identified multiple sources of capital for luxury acquisitions for tear-downs, sub-dividing, multi-family developments, subdivision building, shovel-ready approved projects in the $10M+ range.


Since moving to Hollywood Hills, California area, I’ve come to see a totally amazing side of Los Angeles. The scent of prosperity and the energy is very inviting, and it’s been spawning the interest of investors who desire to fund flippers who are active in the area, I work with these lenders directly.


According to the Los Angeles Times in the Business section this morning, they detailed the hot spots here in LA.

1.) Santa Monica

Area code 90402, with homes averaging $3.3M, has been attracting international buyers who want safe investments outside of their countries of Asia, Russia and South America, these homes are known to be larger and more spacious near the beach. Also buyers from the tech world are gravitating to the area increasing demand with no end in site for rising values.

Pier at Night

2.) Hermosa Beach

Area code 90254, with homes averaging $1.7M+, has many great advantages in that it is the beach town next to ritzy Manhattan Beach that has been continually out-pricing families from the neighborhood that has values of $2.1M+, Hermosa Beach has a reputation for good schools, and strong demand is attracting tech workers from Venice & Playa Vista neighborhoods and Silicon Beach.


3.) Lincoln Heights/Montecito Heights/Elysian Valley

Area code 90031, with homes averaging $458K+ is an area north of downtown L.A. seems to be catching the attention of investors and retail buyers alike, now that Silver Lake, Echo Park and Highland Park have now been gentrified and improved, these areas are becoming increasingly more expensive with low inventory, the buyers and investors are looking next door to expensive Montecito Heights & Lincoln Heights located between the 10 and 110 freeways and Elysian Valley which is located between the L.A. river and the 5 freeway  and is up-and-coming.

Montecito Heights

Montecito Heights

Elysian Valley (Frog Town)

Elysian Valley (Frog Town)

3.) City Terrace/East L.A.

Area code 90063, with homes averaging $320K+ seems to be affected similarly to Lincoln Heights in that they’ve been seeing lots of activity from investors because buyers are looking in these surrounding areas due to affordability. You can find a nice Spanish Colonial close to downtown with views of downtown L.A. and from City Terrace, you can see the Hollywood Sign. This would be a great time for long-time owners to cash-in and sell, investors I work with are looking for these opportunities currently.

city terrace

4.) Marina Del Rey

Area code 90292, with homes averaging $2.1M+, is one of my favorite West-side beachfront neighborhoods, I love the community & Venice Beach and with plans for new restaurants, stores and renovation of its maritime, hospitality, and entertainment attractions coming, housing is starting to become demand in the Marina..mostly due to the tech industry in Santa Monica, Venice and Playa Vista areas creating wealthy buyers looking to next door communities.

Marina Del Rey

5.) Manhattan Beach

Area code 90266, with homes averaging $2.1M+, no longer considered a lazy beach town, is now home to Hollywood types, professional athletes, and other high-earners looking for beach-life that offers great schools and quality restaurants. Developers are buying the remaining small cottages and building mini-mansions to keep with the high demand and low inventory.


6.) Compton

Area code 90220 with homes averaging $274K+, has been a  favorite among flippers that I know..they tell me that they have no problems selling homes in this area, very fast with multiple offers. Crime rates have plummeted and lenders beginning to lend in the area once again, and with purchase prices this low, many can qualify for financing. Families from South Bay and Long Beach are considering Compton when searching for a cheaper home. Also an interesting phenomenon – parents and a grown child and their spouse buying homes…to split the expenses. Coupled with low interest rates and low down-payment programs, has also helped nearby north Carson and Willowbrook see increased growth, Flippers are very busy re-developing homes in Compton. Investors I work with will have no problem funding these sorts of flip deals.

7.) Playa Del Rey

Area code 90293, with homes averaging $1.5M+, considered a low-key beach-side neighborhood at the end of Culver Boulevard is a new hot-bed for workers in the tech industry and advertising hubs in Playa Vista. They are saying that the prices are rising above those in the bubble of 2006, for example – an agent states that a home she recently listed for $2.8M, back in 2006 it sold for $2.6M, the high rate of corporate expansion is driving increased values.


8.) Toluca Lake/Studio City

Area code 91602, with homes averaging $1.022M+, located in the San Fernando Valley with elite private schools has been a destination for Hollywood executives and wealthy families for along time, now due to new bars and restaurants urban young professionals are seeking to move to the area, also developers are buying older homes to renovate or tear down and build larger, grander homes.


Financing: Private Funding Sources

Fix and Flippers has established proven relationships with Top Tier Lenders in the Southern California area that will provide:

  • Acquisition for Fix and Flips, Buy/Hold rentals, Mixed-Use Development, Spec Homes, Multi-Family, Commercial in Southern California. (anything else..just ask)
  • Refinances – Cash-out, Rate and Term, pay off balloon payments from private lenders. Consolidate multiple high-interest loans into one loan.
  • Home-Owners with equity can JV (Joint Venture) with our team to inject rehab capital into your project, we’ll bring our construction team, hire our real estate agents to resale the property and we’ll split the net profits!
  • Attention Developers with 20+ recent deals – Please inquire about 100% Financing – 70/30 split..you get 70%! (This is a VIP Program that lenders provide acquisition+rehab+closing costs+carry costs) 
  • This Program is designed to create exclusive relationships with my top contacts.

  • No DTI, Fico, Credit Requirements. Stated, Verified is OK.
  • Fast Decisions..3 days then Funding 7-30 days depending on if we need to order an appraisal..
  • Construction to Permanent Financing & Creative Structures.
  • ARV Lending, up to 75%-80% of ARV (Southern California Residential Fix/Flip only)
  • Prior Experience Required.
  • When submitting a project, please have an executive summary with exit strategy, comps or appraisal, rehab bid from experienced contractor, and Bio/Professional Resume with All completed Projects of all principals completed in last 24 months. Background checks may be ran upon application.
  • Loan Amounts of $100K – $200M will be considered. Residential/Commercial/Multi-Use/Development/Bridge

If you are a Principal Investor looking for Investment Properties or Private Funding..respond below for Immediate attention. Or Greg@FixandFlippers.com

New Home Equity Program


We are a new kind of Real Estate Investment Company; homeowners exchange the possibility of future appreciation for the certainty of cash today.

Unlock the equity in your home today without monthly payments or interest.


Our Real Estate Participation Agreement enables you to sell a share of your property’s future appreciation. By helping to manage both the risk and cost of ownership, this factor changes the economics of residential real estate.

The money you receive from us is not a loan, there are no monthly payments, and you still own your home. We are making an investment right alongside you, believing that more often than not, our share of the long-term appreciation will more than cover our initial payment.

For many of our clients, that money translates into new freedom and control. It can be used to pay off costly, high-interest credit card balances, reducing your monthly expenses and helping to better align your assets and obligations. Or you can use it to diversify your investments beyond real estate; after all, few people would tie so much of their wealth to a single stock.

You can use it to make long overdue home improvements, fund a child or grandchild’s education, make a charitable contribution or fulfill a lifelong dream—the choices are endless.

It’s your equity and now there’s a way to tap into it without introducing new debt, monthly payments or incurring interest charges. Best of all, you still own the home and can enjoy the benefits associated with it.


It’s a New Alternative to Home Finance 

Flexible Terms

An agreement can be tailored to your needs. We typically pay up to 17.25% of a property’s current appraised value in exchange for a share of future appreciation for as long as you own the home.

If, for example, a home had an appraised value of $750,000, we would pay you up to $127,000. The amount that you receive within that range is largely decided by you, based on how much appreciation you want to sell. We can show you various options to help you find the right balance between current and future needs.

Straight-forward Requirements

To qualify for our Real Estate Participation Agreement, you must satisfy certain requirements showing you are able to continue any payments and maintenance required on the home.

Both primary residences and second homes are eligible, providing they meet or exceed minimum value requirements in your market. At time of application, the maximum combined value of all mortgages may not exceed 80% of the value of your home. After submitting an application and paying for the appraisal of your home, it typically takes 4–6 weeks to complete the transaction and deliver your funds.

Transparent Calculations

Over the life of the agreement, appreciation is measured using the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index. ®

The S&P/Case-Shiller Index is widely regarded as the national benchmark for measuring home price movement. There are a number of advantages to using the index. For one, it helps to mitigate the subjective nature of appraisals. Also, if you add a bedroom or remodel the kitchen, the added value of those improvements will not be reflected in the index. You paid for them, and it’s only fair that you receive all the benefits. Perhaps best of all, the index is published on the S&P website. You can check its performance just by visiting standardandpoors.com, and you’ll know exactly where you stand for the life of our agreement.

Contact Me To Get Started!

Trust Deed and Equity Joint Venture Partnerships



A Private Equity fund that I work with offers active and entrepreneurial investors direct access to the best Real Estate-Owned (REO), Private Equity and Distressed investments in the marketplace – including Approved Short Sales, New Construction, Trust Deed Investments, Private Lending Opportunities, Private Placements and Sub-Performing Loan Portfolios.

Lincoln image

REO Advisor Direct Offers:

  • The combined strength of Investment Advisory, Asset Management and REO Real Estate expertise
  • A transparent, professionally managed and profitable portfolio building solution
  • An ongoing REO investment advisory relationship, along with specific Loan Sale Advisory, Real Estate-Owned (REO) Property, Distressed Mortgage Portfolio Assets, and Real Estate Investment recommendations.
  • Fully diversified investment strategies delivered via Active or Passive investment vehicles
  • Proactive capital preservation, risk management and transaction due diligence
  • A Choice of Four Proven, Profitable and Diversified Strategies
  • The ability to invest directly in distressed real estate assets and mortgage portfolio assets with confidence
  • Equity Joint Venture Partnerships are only available to registered clients of the Private Equity fund and its partner under the REO Advisor Direct™ program, and   is restricted  to  experienced  principals  only.


Delivering straightforward, powerful solutions for investing in today’s distressed real estate marketplace.

Their business model combines world-class real estate investment expertise and REO asset management with exceptional client service, in-depth-consultation, and an extensive track record of successfully closing real estate investment transactions.

The Private Equity fund and its partners approach delivers direct access to property owner, lenders, loan servicers, equity stakeholders, and the ability to act quickly to CLOSE investment transactions. The result is a proven and verifiable track record of successful investments across all REO asset classes. Since inception, the Private Equity fund has excelled at sourcing, acquiring, managing and disposing of distressed REO real estate and mortgage portfolio assets on behalf of its’ own corporate portfolio, investors, lenders, private equity funds and affiliated partner firms.

They deliver applied expertise across a broad range of REO Asset Classes nationwide.

All investments in the REO Advisor Direct platform are secured via titled real property, trust deeds, beneficial ownership of real property assets, equity participation and/or entity membership interests.

They focus on California investments for this program, but if you will invest in other States, there are additional opportunities.



DISCLAIMER: We are not  United States Securities Dealers or Brokers. We are Consultants and makes no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller. This message should never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon receipt of this message, the reader hereby acknowledges this Disclaimer.