On-Demand Project Managers to Your Site! Perfect for Contractors and Home Flippers

Why is Residential Construction is Ripe for On-Demand Disruption?

With a record year for the on-demand industry in 2019, the big prediction for 2020 is that on-demand companies will expand to new industries.

This is happening now in residential construction. A common issue with residential construction is going over budget, not meeting deadlines and plainly losing (wasting) money primarily due to lack of communication.

Most contractors do not use project management software to keep their jobs in-line.

95% of all residential remodel projects end up in frustration. Homeowners go into a project excited about their contractor only to soon be in the dark about what is going on.

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Check out: The new on-demand startup “Project Buddy” http://www.projectbuddyservices.com is the 1st of its kind and planning to revolutionize the industry: Creating completely transparent transactions between homeowners and contractors. Simply put, Project Buddy helps organize projects.

Project Buddy
Project Buddy Founder, Robert L. Williams

“After years of consulting in the construction industry I found that almost every job had a point where the client thought they were being cheated, it was almost always due to a simple lack of communication. Construction remodel projects are very organic and change daily. I started Project Buddy to help both Contractor and client stay up-to-date on a weekly basis.”

Project Buddy, from PGN Design Group, works with a cloud-based construction software that all parties have access to with their smartphone, tablet or computer. Project Buddy finally makes it easy for homeowners to follow the progress of their construction project from anywhere and makes it easy for contractors to keep their clients updated on day-to-day progress of their projects. It works with 5 easy steps.

  1. Upload project information to Project Buddy cloud-based software.
  2. Take daily photos of the project.
  3. Create daily work logs.
  4. Contact all contractors, subs and architects for scheduling purposes.
  5. Create an “end-of-week” report for the project.

So who’s doing the actual work? Numerous “Buddy’s” manage jobs in the areas that they live in. They can work as much or as little as they want. Think of it as the “Uber for Construction Projects“.

The service will operate on weekly contracts so that there is no big commitment from homeowners or Buddy’s. For contractors, there’s no need to hire and train full-time employees only to have the burden of their salaries on the books when it gets slow.

At the end of each week, clients have the ability to either “opt-in” if they like the service or “opt-out” and we’ll see you on the next one!

Project Buddy will have the ability to do one or all of their jobs. The company is poised to disrupt the residential construction industry by helping smaller companies with growth, and larger companies with quality control. The price is $497/week for most projects, cheaper than the cost of a laborer sweeping up the site!

Why Use Them?

  1. Lost Time = Lost Money
  2. Cloud-based Software = Transparency, 24/7 access from any device.
  3. Organize contractor = Get’s the Job Done on time and on-budget!
  4. Weekly contracts = No Big Commitment
  5. One low rate for any size project (single-family or multi-family)

Project Buddy has launched in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area with expansion to other major cities in the U.S. later in the year.

Preferred Partners:

  • Contractors/Developers – Instead of carrying a payroll employee as a superintendent, we can replace that cost, and we have no problem with working for 1 week..
  • Real Estate Agents – You know all of the Wholesalers, Flippers and Homeowners doing remodels, refer our service and receive a $497 referral for each.
  • Architects – You work with homeowners and flippers too, with our service, you can monitor the project remotely and not get left out of the circle. Refer our service and receive a $497 referral for each.
  • Hard Money LendersCLOSE MORE LOANS. We can act as a 3rd party service provider that can be financed and used as a kind of “insurance policy” Lenders can require their borrowers to use Project Buddy, and they’ll always know what’s going on with the project! Two words – Accountability Partner. Protect their loans. Fewer foreclosures will increase bottom-line. No COST to the Lender – You can build it into the loan (its a cost of doing business)
  • Owner Builders – You want someone to babysit the work-site, and you don’t want the job?
  • We’ll help week-to-week until you don’t need us anymore! You can see all the progress on your smartphone or preferred device, and read the notes left by the Buddy. Perfect Communication!

Book us for one job, for one week and you will quickly see how easy and smooth your job/s will run.

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El Monte Wholesale Flip

Vacant, Short-Sale, Fixer

  • Main House is 3/3 – Garage was converted into a 1/1 with a Kitchenette (May not legal, although it is very nice)
  • There is a separate 1/1 attached to the main house (This one is not legal)
  • Total SF is 1,580 plus the Garage 

– EMD is $10,000- Closing date is FIRM for June 10 

– Purchase Price is $475,000

 – Repairs $35,000-$40,000

ARV $615,000-$625,000

Contact me ASAP with Proof of Funds if serious. Principals only please.

Direct Contact: Ph. 858-386-0949 Greg@FixandFlippers.com

The “No Skin In The Game” Renovation Program

OK! Lenders are coming out of the woodwork with all kinds of new (alternative) loan programs.

Having “Skin in The Game” is the most catch 22 of all catch’s: in order to get a loan, you need to have experience, in order to gain experience you will likely need a loan!

I’ve been working with groups of investors who want to invest passively, and wholesalers and regular homeowners can create and enjoy the opportunity of equity flips in this market..who knows how long it will last, but the funds are readily available now. Nationwide.


They provide home sellers with renovation funds (not a loan) to doll up the property prior to sale. Owners get the funding they need, so they can get top dollar for the home rather than having to accept a low ball offer upon selling.
Realtors earn larger commissions by selling more expensive after-renovated homes (and get more listings by availing renovation funds to their clients).

Investors now have the opportunity to earn more, with much less risk, by funding renovations in partnership with home owners who stand to make much more by fixing and selling, rather than by selling as is.

Contractors get more and bigger projects by referring clients to available renovation funds.


“No Skin In The Game” Program

  • No Down Payment
  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Renovation Payments
  • No Loan Application
  • No Credit Check
  • No Income Check
  • No Loan Guarantees to Sign
    (You have to pay for yard maintenance and utilities.)

The deal either has to be owned previously or has to be under contract – must be a great deal!

images (4)
You will need to provide the following info to be considered: Purchase Price, Renovation Budget needed, Property Taxes, also how many months it will be to complete the rehab, next provide comparable properties recently sold within a few miles radius this year, to support the (ARV) or After Repaired Value


  • Make sure the contract is assignable as you will be assigning the property to the lenders, after 7 days due-diligence period, they will close in about 10-15 days, once the property is closed you will then get utilities and lawn service going.
  • Then you sign a project manager agreement.
  • You will be responsible for managing the renovations.
  • After you finish renovations, you will mutually agree to list the property with a successful real estate agent.
  • Once the property sells, you will split the net proceeds upon the pre-determined equity split outlined in your project management agreement.

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Simple Program: Private lender for Renovation Loans Nationwide


Housing project

I work with a Private Lender who has funds for:

Renovation Projects Nationwide.

No Minimum!

100% of your Rehab Budget Up to $300,000

Residential and Commercial 

Owner Occupied or Non-Owner Occupied

Up to 5 months!

No Pre-Payment penalty!

No Payments until you Sell or Refinance!

Quick 3-5 day Funding!

renovation loans


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Fix and Flip Loans | Bridge Loans | Rental Home Loans | Transactional Funding

Lending in: Nationwide

“We don’t cherry-pick deals, if your deal fits, we fund it!”

Quick Pre-Qualification!

Personalized Rate in Minutes!

ARV based lending

Earnest Money Deposit Program (EMD)

VOD – Verification of Deposit available

Everything is done online, so you see the process in real-time.

Streamlined Draw Process – Get your funds Fast & Easy

We love small operators with LOTS of experience!

Up to 100% of purchase price + 100% of rehab!

Residential & Commercial

Up to $6M loan amount!

Rates as low as 8%

No Appraisal Needed For Some Programs

No Pre-Payment Penalty

Loans can be closed within 7-10 business days!

Bridge Loans Can Be Closed in 1-3 Days!

Transactional Funding as low as 3% up to 40 days!


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