Want To Sell?


Seller Financing (Owner-Carry) Property Wanted ASAP

Private party wants to buy your property direct.

Lets create a Win/Win situation for both parties!
Down-payment, monthly payments with partial applied to purchase price.
Great for those who want to maintain the tax shelter.

owner-financing (1)

Benefits of owner financing for the seller:

Most sellers will insist in the highest price and that it be cash, but few actually need those terms.
What they really want is: a fast closing with little hassle. Also they want to save on taxes, which may be subject to capital gains tax. This guy has some further info on that

  • What seller financing offers: If you are willing to offer me flexible terms, I would be willing to offer your price.
  • By selling the property to me, you will “net” the most cash from our deal. I could offer to pay closing costs, title insurance, broker fees and any existing loans on the property.
  • In many cases, the sale of real property by installment-sale can yield more future yield.
  • If you agree to sell to me, it. will be a quick closing, no 30-45 day escrows needed. I’ve got access to some amazing financing & capital partners.

I’m a 15 yr. veteran – Lets make some deals!


As we get to the busy season, your home will be competing with the best homes in your local market, and if your property needs any work interior or exterior, this could be a long waiting game that causes you much headache. If you decide to list, you will be asked to make repairs to make your home more marketable. I won’t ask you to fix, repair, update, modify, convert or spend any more money.


If it needs work, even better!

If you owe back taxes, behind on payments, I’ll pay those.

If you want a cash offer, this is possible too! 7-10 day closings

Looking for:

Residential (1-4 units) $100k-$4M

LA, SD, OC, SF, Orlando

Commercial – Multi-Family, Office, Retail


Seller Financed Notes



Also I know lenders who can offer Owner-Occupied Hard Money with 6% invested, if property held in LLC


We Can also make an offer Cash/Hard Money/Traditional Financing As well.

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