Rehab Loans

We help you locate funds to renovate a new purchase or existing property in your portfolio.

Rehab Loan Placement

We help you prepare your loan package and submit it to multiple lenders for terms.

Timely Execution

Since time is of the essence, we assume when you contact us that you need a quick solution.

Contractor Referral

Once you secure a loan, you'll need a team of reliable professionals to get the rehab work completed, we can help with that.

Rehab Loans Are expensive.

Rehab loans are expensive because they are very high risk. Some lenders prefer to only work with borrowers who have experience with remodeling and selling homes for a profit. Many times, having a 20% down-payment, good credit, possibly existing properties held, and solid financials can get you into a loan as a first-timer, with the right referral..That's where we come in.

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