Deploy Your Lazy or Under-Performing Excess funds to Lucrative Real Estate Investments.

Roll your investment funds by investing in funds and trust deeds

Do you have excess funds that you need to invest this year?

Do you want to enjoy the returns from real estate investments?


Investing in real estate investments with experienced operators is an excellent way to reduce the risks of inexperience, avoid the hands-on, day-to-day exposure to the project's management, and servicing the loan while still enjoying high returns of up to 13% per annum.


For most investors to feel comfortable in this position, they need to feel confident in the real estate developer or lender's ability to provide a high-class investment vehicle that is safe and dependable.


Fix and Flippers has developed a relationship with many of these such fund managers, lenders, and developers. 


These lenders and operators have many years in the business and have been vetted for their reputations as closers and being a preferred lender among the industries elite. Their referral sources are loyal and provide steady repeat business that affords them an overflow of business. Good problem to have.


They are always looking for investors for trust deed investments and real estate projects.


They work with individuals, corporations, pension plans, family offices, IRAs and more. They are experts at matching private investor funds with low risk, high yield, secured by a hard asset and solid investment opportunities. 


They have solid systems in place that allow investors to earn between 8%-13% per annum, compared to the low-interest rates currently being offered by banks.



Due Diligence Process Before Funding a Loan:

  • A contractor physically inspects each property.
  • Private lenders are originating and funding millions per month in loans
  • They focus on non-owner-occupied, fix and flips & commercial properties nationwide.
  • The investors all receive a complete due diligence package: 1003, credit, appraisal, comps, preliminary report, escrow instructions, D/L or Photo ID, lease agreements, income documents, etc., which will provide the details to prove that the transaction is an excellent opportunity.
  • The lender/operator handles servicing unless you prefer it.
  • Escrow and Title are always ordered and used with each transaction.

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