You may have seen we buy houses for cash signs or received a postcard in the mail and you may be wondering how to sell your house for cash. In this blog we’ll explain how you can sell your house easily and quickly for cash with Fix and Flippers – Eustis Cash For Houses Program.

    But first, let’s discuss what type of seller is best suited to take advantage of the Eustis Cash For Houses Program.

    We tend to work with local house sellers who need to sell their house fast because they're facing a difficult financial or family situation and those that want to get rid of a problem property.

    Our process of selling a home is a lifesaver for those homeowners that need a fast house sale because they:

    • Are stuck with two mortgage payments
    • Are transferring to a new job out of the area
    • Are facing foreclosure
    • Need to liquidate in order to cover pressing bills
    • Own a vacant property that is draining their bank account.

    The other type of homeowner we work with does not need to sell their house at lightning speed, but rather needs a creative and flexible buyer to help them get rid of a problem property.

    With our program, a homeowner can sell their house easily and stress free regardless of its condition or location. Any type of property can qualify for our program. Including houses that:

    • Need major repairs and updating
    • Are fire damaged
    • Are water damaged
    • Have foundation problems
    • Face code violations
    • Have termite damage
    • Has liens or judgments
    • Has problems with easements and encroachments
    sell your house for cash and start living the life you deserve!

    Price and time/condition are trade-offs

    Since you’ll receive less than market value for the convenience of selling your house fast for cash, you should analyze your situation and decide whether you prefer to sell your home the traditional way with a real estate agent (and try to get full market value) or sell your house to a cash buyer.

    You must invest much time and money to get the full market value. First, you’ll need to get your home ready to show. That includes cleaning, depersonalizing, decluttering, repairing, painting and staging your house. You will then need to hire a real estate agent to find a buyer (which could take several months)… and then you will need to wait for the buyer to get a mortgage approval which could take anywhere from 45 to 60 days.

    After all this, you will have to pay a real estate commission, which can cost you 6% to 7% of the price of the home.

    Benefits of selling to “We buy homes for cash” companies 

    Despite the economic tradeoff to sell your house fast for cash, there are some distinct advantages.

    • You can avoid the headaches and expenses of preparing your home for a showing.
    • You can save time and money on marketing and selling your home.
    • You will sidestep the need for bank appraisals, home inspections, and the time it takes for your buyer to get a mortgage approval.
    • You get peace of mind by eliminating the risk that your buyer will be turned down for a mortgage or will back out at the last minute.
    • You’ll end your maintenance, insurance and tax expenses right away.
    • You’ll cut out the real estate agent’s commission and marketing fees.
    • Get paid right away. With a cash buyer, you will get your money in a matter of days rather than waiting many months to find a buyer and get to a closing.
    • You will stop living in limbo and return to living the life you deserve.

    Sell your house for cash with the Fix and Flippers – Eustis Cash For Houses Program

    We are one of the premier Lake County companies that buys houses for cash. Our program is easy and simple.

    1. Contact us

    Call us at 858-386-0949 or fill out the online form to schedule a confidential, no obligation meeting. We will ask you some basic questions to get to know you and your property. 

    2. Free in-home consultation

    We will meet you at your house at your convenience. You can pick our brains and ask us as many questions as you wish. We will carefully listen to you and analyze your particular circumstances. We will then inspect your home and gather all the important information about your house to prepare the best possible offer.

    3. Sell your house for top dollar in just one day

    We will present you with a written, no-obligation cash offer at our first consultation. Our offer will be clear, in easy-to-understand terms. Depending on your particular circumstances, we may present you some other creative financing solution. In any case, we will never pressure you into selling your house.

    4. Get your money

    Close on your house in as fast as 7-10 days or at your earliest convenience and get a certified check or wire transfer the same day of your closing. The entire sales process is easy and the funds are guaranteed.

    Call Fix and Flippers for a quick, no hassle sale

    We have the experience to overcome virtually every obstacle and ensure you a stress free, smooth sale.

    Moreover, we do not charge a commission or fee for our service. We’ll handle the entire sales process and even pay for your closing costs.

    Call Fix and Flippers at 858-386-0949 to get started with the Eustis Cash For Houses Program.

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